A Quick Guide To Getting Your E-Bike Registered

Recently e-bikes (electric bikes) have risen in popularity, and for positive reasons. They bring many benefits like they lessen traffic jams, reduce carbon footprint, and help people work out. High inflation rates, a rise in international gas prices, the demand for eco-friendly travel, and the convenience of e-bikes have all contributed to the booming e-bikes market.

E-bike is technically a bicycle upgraded with electric propulsion with a low top-end speed. Their registration depends on your state, which is crucial because it allows you to drive it legally and reduces the chances of your bike getting stolen or helps you recover it once stolen.

Classes Of E-bikes

There are different classes of e-bikes, and various regulations may be applied if your bike is low speed or class 1,2, or 3. There is also a category 4 where the e-bike is classified as an electric motorized vehicle. Here are e-bikes classes

  • Class 1: this bike’s top speed is 20mph; if you exceed it, it stops. They have a motor that acts as peddle assistance but doesn’t have a throttle.
  • Class 2: has throttle and pedal assistance. The motor engages when you use a throttle or pedal. It goes at 20 mph, and when you exceed, it stops.
  • Class 3: doesn’t have a throttle but comes with pedal assist, which can go up to 28mph.
  • Class 4: it’s categorized as a motorized vehicle.

Where To Ride An E-Bike

You might be questioning how to make your e-bike street legal. There are no federal laws on where to ride your e-bike. You can ride it on roadways where other regular bikes paths as long as the rider follows the rules like

  • Ride your e-bike on the correct side of the road
  • Stop when lights are red
  • Signaling when turning

Importance Of E-bike Registration

It is imperative to learn all there is to know about Montana vehicle registration and make your e-bike street legal. Like this you’ll avoid hefty fines that you might get for riding your bike without registration. Get advice from your attorney or local authorities to get information on whether your states require electric bike licenses. The registration has regulations that you need to update, and you will be violating rules.

Registering an ebike is easy, and you can even do it online. You give out your information and e-bike serial number, but if your state doesn’t offer online registration, you can do it by mail or go to the registry.

Riding a registered ebike or dirt bike puts you at ease, knowing you cannot be penalized. But there is one more thing. Is your dirt bike street legal? Most dirt bikes are used for off-road riding only, but some models are street legal.

Depending on your location, you can convert some dirt bikes to be street legal, but it could be more expensive than buying a new plate marked as street legal if you want to use it for road and off-road. You can check with all road street legal registration to get more information on what you need to know about off-road street-legal vehicles.


E-bikes are great companions and bring added value to people’s lives. However, if you want to purchase an electric bike, check with your state for regulations and your budget or even better, work with a Montana registered agent like 5 Star Registration or 1 Dollar Montana to help you with the entire process from start to finish. Other than your e-bike, the experts here can tell you more about what you need to have a street legal ATV, or what it takes to make a dirt bike street legal. After that, you can confidently take your beast off and on the roads.

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