4 Things to Do to a Car Accident Lawsuit Ruled in Your Favor

Over five million auto accidents happen every year in the US. Luckily, most of them only bring damages to properties. However, if you get involved in a car accident because of someone’s negligence, he may need to be accountable for your damages. This might include lost income, emotional distress, and medical bills. To have your auto-accident case decided in your favor, you must do some of the following things.

  1. File a Lawsuit 

When you decide to file a case against a driver at fault, you will require to build a strong case against the person. Lawsuits can be lengthy and expensive, so if you want to ensure it’s worth it, you may need to document everything. You can achieve this by taking a picture of your injuries, damaged car, and accident scene. You may also have to call police officers to create a report of your claim.

If possible, it might be necessary to exchange details with the other driver. These details may include:

  • Address
  • Insurance policy information
  • Name
  • License number
  • Plate number
  1. Contact an Attorney

Injuries, such as whiplash, may not always be apparent after the accident. The painful symptoms may, at times, take a few days to be felt, and damages in your car may also not be simple to spot immediately. What may seem like a minor thing that the other driver assures you will buff out might be masking some structural damage to your car.

Insurance companies are also in business, so they may want to protect their interest first – meaning their payout will be too little. To have a fair settlement, you can get in touch with an attorney like Anthony Gorospe to help you piece things together in your case. Anthony Gorospe is a car accident attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Gorospe Law Group. He is an experienced lawyer you can rely on to avoid being at the mercy of any insurance company.

  1. Look for Witnesses

Having a good witness who confirms your story’s information may convince a judge or insurance company of your injuries. People who also witnessed your accident may be imperative since they have no interest in your case’s final outcome. Though the best witness cannot be your friends or any family member, you were driving with. A perfect witness can be an individual who stopped at the scene of the incident, saw what happened, and dialed 911 to report an accident. To get such witnesses, you may need to revisit the scene of where the accident took place.

  1. Provide Evidence

Evidence is important to prove that another driver was responsible for the accident, and it may show the losses you incurred. In most cases, the evidence which you present helps the court of law see your point of view and protect you against false claims made by the driver at fault.

Videos taken during the accident may show details of your injury. The video details should include skid marks and vehicle placement, and to make your evidence more valid, you can back it up with medical records. From your emergency room visit to therapy appointments, bills and medical treatments may help the courtroom know the amount of money the other party owes you.

Concluding Remarks!

Car accidents may happen abruptly and can turn your life upside down in seconds. Some incidents are minor and may be settled between two drivers. However, if the case is serious, you may need to file a lawsuit, hire an attorney, look for witnesses, and gather evidence to get compensated.

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