Worksite toilets: how to choose?

Clean and healthy workplaces promote higher productivity and ensure health and safety of those working at the site. One of the most important aspects of ensuring sanitation is to have toilets. At worksites, it is not always possible to construct permanent toilets. Hence, portable toilets become the most preferred choice as worksite toilets. In the roughest and toughest situations at the worksite, portable toilets ensure hygiene and comfort.

If you are managing a construction worksite, you will also realize that installing portable toilets are cheaper and thus, cost effective instead of permanent worksite toilets. The workers in the project will be much happier with a clean toilet available for their easy access when nature calls.

Choosing the most suitable worksite toilets

If you are considering installation of worksite toilets, you will be surprised to know that there are many options to choose from. Here are the most commonly available options to choose from:

  1. Regular portable units: These are the most common portable toilets and most people are familiar with these. They have a chemical system to break down the waste and neutralize any foul odor. They are not very fancy, but perfectly serve the purpose.
  2. Lift sling unit: This type of portable toilet is like the regular ones, apart from an additional feature of a lifting system. With the lift sling, they can be picked up by a crane and installed at higher level of a high-rise worksite.
  3. Restroom trailers: These are one of the high-end options. They are a compact set of spacious restrooms and handwashing stations hosted on a trailer. They can be easily transported by hitching on to a truck. They are sturdy and make for perfect worksite toilets for worksites in uneven terrains.

If the worksite does not availability of running water, then installing handwashing stations is also a good idea. They are also a good choice if your portable toilet unit does not have an attached sink. With a dedicated handwashing area, you will be able to promote higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness at the worksite. Once you have chosen the right type of worksite toilets, you need to figure out how many you will need. Your service provider will be able to recommend the number of required portable toilets based on the size of your worksite.

Installing and cleaning portable worksite toilets

Once the worksite toilets are delivered at your worksite, you need to get the process of installation started. The first step is to identify the most suitable location for installation of the toilet. Ensure that the existing plumbing systems are working fine. Installation of regular worksite toilets is very simple and easy. For larger units, you will need more specialized equipment to move and position them.

Cleaning of worksite toilets is quite simple and necessary. Toilets with holding tank need a waste suction equipment and a disposal truck to transport the waste away. The same process needs to be followed for sewage tanks. To give your workers a comfortable space and experience, you should install odor elimination system or air-deodorizer. Keeping enough stock of consumables like soap and toilet paper will ensure that the worksite toilets remain clean. Hiring professional service providers for installation and cleaning of the portable toilets is the best way to ensure that the site remains hygienic and comfortable.

When you are getting, the toilets installed it is best to opt for a complete plan which includes installation and periodic cleaning. This will give you peace of mind as you will not have to fret about hiring cleaners or deal with irritated employees, who are disturbed because of unclean and dirty toilets.

Be mindful that depending on where you are placing the portable toilets, you may be required to cover vehicle or crane hire to have them installed.

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