Why You Should Start Focusing More on Preventive Maintenance

If you think that the rule “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” should still work in your business, you are wrong. A significant share of companies loses their profits to downtime. That is why it is important to fix things that show signs of breaking.

Preventive maintenance ensures that equipment is running optimally and businesses avoid the cost of downtime. This kind of maintenance addresses failure even before it occurs. Cleaning, the lubrication of essential equipment, and inspection are some of the preventive maintenance activities.

Here are more reasons why you should consider scheduling preventive maintenance with the help of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

  1. Reduced downtime

Unplanned downtime affects productivity and profitability. The fewer equipment breakdowns, the better for your business. This kind of maintenance ensures that that critical assets are working optimally. Companies that regularly monitor the performance of their equipment and inspect them eliminate downtime.

This way, they can meet their production goals. Regular preventive maintenance will keep the machines operating optimally for long stretches of time.

  1. It will extend the useful lifetime of your assets

If you want your assets to serve your business for years, you need to conduct regular preventive maintenance. How does this work? Whether it is inspection, lubrication, or minor repairs, they all play a critical role in preventing critical failures.

Without this, you will notice your equipment breaking down very often and replacing them frequently.

  1. Increased safety

Equipment failure is one of the causes of accidents at the workplace of factory floors. Some of the accidents caused by equipment failure include fires, injuries to operators, chemical leaks, and even damage to other assets.

Lack of preventive maintenance is one of the causes of machine failures that lead to accidents. Scheduling regular inspections and repairs with CMMS will ensure that your equipment is reliable and safe to work with.

When machines are in working order, you create a healthy and safe working environment. This will also go a long way in saving you expensive personal injury suits.

  1. Less energy consumption

Maintenance can reduce energy use, and this will go further in reducing your operating costs. With time, equipment loses its efficiency and reliability, hence the need for repairs and other types of maintenance.

Inefficient machinery tends to consume more energy for the same level of output as machinery that operates optimally.

Preventive maintenance will ensure that your equipment maintains the right energy consumption level, which amounts to cost savings for your business.

  1. Time savings

Time management is critical for companies, as it has a lot to do with their ability to achieve their goals. Machine failure can be a great hindrance to effective time management. Scheduled maintenance is in many ways better than emergency repairs which can affect time management. The former also takes less time to fix than unexpected failures.


Companies need to rethink their equipment maintenance plans. Preventive maintenance has tons of benefits for the business. That is from time and cost savings to the prevention of accidents. Utilize computerized maintenance management software for great outcomes.

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