Where Do You Buy Antique Windows

Looking to replace your windows? If so, antique windows might be the right choice for you. These are typically older-style windows that have been stored away either in a yard sale or an auction of sorts.

They’ve been put aside for later sales and because their time has come they’re being sold off at lower prices than usual. Several benefits exist to buying antique windows and we’ll go over them shortly.

You may be wondering how much does window installation cost and where do you buy antique windows?

We’re going to answer both of those questions in this piece below as well as explain the benefits buying these types of windows has to offer. As with most things it comes down to preference because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We’ll start with the window installation cost and how we’re going to answer that question. We can’t give you a definite number because it depends on the type of window being installed, the area in which someone lives if they have new windows nearby for comparison, and so on.

Our best answer would be to check out window replacement costs for an idea of where to start when considering window installation prices.

This is the same area in which you’d be looking for antique windows too, most likely. You can ask around your general area or search online websites that help people find local yard sales, auctions, and more of these types of events where people put their stuff out for sale. You’ll find lots of antique windows in this way because their owners are looking to get rid of them quickly.

Sourcing Antique Windows

Do you need to know how to measure a window for replacement?

In the case you are planning to replace your windows, one of the most important factors is the type of window you will buy. The ancient-style classic wood windows can make a striking difference in how your framed home blended into its surroundings.

To begin with, antique Windows come from old buildings. If they are still structurally sound, they would bring many more years of service. You can also find very ornate styles or simple designs but either way, if the glass panes are intact these treasures offer great value for money over new construction replacement units.

You can also source them locally from salvage companies who buy houses going through foreclosure auction before it’s demolished. Many times you can find beautiful period revival styles made by well-known manufacturers such as Pella or Marvin that fit nicely into spaces with traditional homes.

You can always find a home improvement store near you and they will have ready-made windows in standard sizes or custom order them from a manufacturer. The price of these modern replacement windows is about the same as those for regular construction, but there may be significant differences in quality.

Another thing to consider is that if you are planning an extensive project, such as an addition or major kitchen renovation, you might want to consider replacing most of your old windows at one time to maximize energy efficiency and appearance.

In this case, having an experienced contractor do the job will cost more but you will likely save money on your monthly bills due to reduced heat loss through poorly installed single-pane units with many cracks and leaks over time.

Advantages of Installing Antique Windows to Your Home

The benefits of buying antique windows are plenty so let’s go over them now.

  • First, you have a huge selection to choose from when it comes to color, size, and style. Many different types of styles were popular in the past.
  • Second, this type of window tends to be less expensive than most modern-day ones – at least on average, they cost less because there will always be exceptions when it comes to price.
  • Third, antique windows tend to have better quality than most. They’ve been around for a long time and held up through some tough times, whereas modern-day windows tend to be made with cheaper materials and technologies on average.

You can rest assured that where you live won’t wear down your window within months of getting it even though the price was less than what you’d pay someone else to install like new windows in the area.

Finally, you’ll be able to get lots of advice on how to care for these types of windows when they need them most. They tend to require less work than new ones because they’re made with better materials that are more durable and sturdier.

You can also find information online about caring for antique windows but keep in mind not every website is going to be 100% accurate so do your research from multiple sources instead of just one.

Antique windows are less expensive than most modern-day ones and come with benefits such as having lots of options to pick from, being less likely to wear down than new windows in the area, and having better quality overall.

You can find antique windows by asking around your general area or searching online websites for local events where people sell their stuff like yard sales, auctions, etc.

Treating Antique Windows with Care


But is it important to know how to install a replacement window? If you hire a window installation company, they will do this for you.

One of the biggest challenges in buying antique windows is that they require a lot of extra care during the installation process. Because they’re usually made from wood and glass, there is an increased risk of damage when moving them from point A to point B. That means you’ll need to hire professionals for window replacement, which can cost up to $500 per window in some cases.

Assuming that your antique windows are already in place, just how much will it cost to get them replaced? Well, if the window is an odd size, you may need to hire someone who makes custom windows.

That can set you back $100 or more per window for installation. Or, if the antique window has larger dimensions than typical modern ones (in width and height), you’ll need a window with an opening large enough to fit it. That can require a custom window measuring 4 by 5 feet in some cases, which will cost around $100 in labor for each window.

If you’re watching your pennies and have a few extra dollars in the bank, then there are ways to save on antique windows when they need replacement.

For example, you can hire a more-affordable window installation professional to install your antique windows if they’re within standard sizes. Or, you can do the labor yourself with some help from friends or family members.

Labor prices vary by region, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour for installation help. Just remember that the more people you enlist for help, the cheaper it will be overall.

Antique Windows Have Great Return on Investment

After learning so much about what antique windows entail and how expensive they can be to install, you may be wondering why anyone would want to buy them. However, there are many benefits of investing in antique windows…

Benefits of Investing in Antique Windows:

  • Improve historical significance and curb appeal: Installing new windows on your home or business can do wonders for the overall aesthetic and historical value. Having stained glass windows added will make your place stand out among other buildings in the neighborhood.
  • Increase energy efficiency: When it comes to insulation, wood is one of the best materials you can have installed on your property. Not only that but adding window film or custom window tints will allow for better insulation that reduces unwanted airflow and prevents drafts.
  • Reduce noise pollution: By adding window insulation, you’ll also be reducing noise pollution. This is more effective than having a loud HVAC unit running in the background because it covers up and cancels out all outside noise coming from cars and people passing by.
  • Protect against water damage: Having custom windows installed will protect your home or business from water damage during the worst of storms. Plus, if you add window insulation film or tint, then it will also prevent rain and snow from seeping into the cracks during cold winter months.

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