Where can you download NCERT books solutions for class 7?

Class 7 books provide the best contents for the students which helps them to have a strong foundation of all the subjects. All the chapters are well explained which is easy to understand and learn. Some of the chapters will be an introduction to the students in class 7. These have to be concentrated more so they get the concepts clear in the lower classes which will help them to understand when the topics will be more advanced in the higher class.

The subjects in class 7 are Science, Maths, English, Social Science and Hindi.

All subjects of ncert books solutions for class 7 can be downloaded easily.

Science has Physical and Chemical Changes, Fibre to Fabric, Heat, Acids Bases and Salts, Nutrition in plants, Physical and Chemical Changes, Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate, Winds, Storms and Cyclones, Soil, Respiration of Organisms, Transportation in Animals and Plants, Reproduction in Plants, Motion and Time, Electric Current and its 14 Effects, Light, Water, Forests, Wastewater Story, Nutrition in Animals,

Maths comprises of Integers, Fractions and Decimals, Data Handling, Simple Equations, Lines and Angles, The Triangle and its Properties, Congruence of Triangles, Comparing Quantities, Rational Numbers, Practical Geometry, Perimeter and Area, Algebraic Expression, Exponents and Power, Visualising Solid Shape.

English has two books that are Honeycomb and Alien Hand. Rebel, Gopal and the Hilsa Fish and The Shed, Three questions and Squirrel and A Gift of Chappals, The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom and Chivvy, Quality and Trees, The Invention of Vita-Wonk and Dad and the Cat and the Tree, Fire-Friend and Foe and Meadow Surprises, Express Detectives and Mystery of the Talking Fan, The Story of Cricket, A Bicycle in Good Repair and Garden Snake.

Alien Hand has the chapters of Bringing up Kari, The Tiny Teacher, The Desert, The Cop and the Anthem, Golu Grows a Nose, I Want Something in a Cage, Chandini, The Bear Story and A Tiger in the House and also An Alien Hand.

Social Science comprises History, Geography and Political Science in a single edition.

History consists of  Tribes, Devotional Paths to the Divine, Nomads and Settled Communities, New Kings and Kingdoms, The Delhi Sultans, The Mughal Empire, Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years, Rulers and Buildings, Towns, Traders and Craftspersons, The Making of Regional Cultures, Eighteenth-Century Political Formations are the important and interesting chapters.

Geography has Environment, Inside Our Earth, Our Changing Earth, Air, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, Human Environment, Human-Environment Interactions, Life in The Deserts.

Political Science consists of Equality, Role of The Government in Health, How The State Government Works, Growing up as Boys and Girls, Women Change the World, Understanding Media, Markets Around Us, A Shit in The Market, Struggles for Equality.

Class 7 Hindi has two books that are Dhruv and Vasanth. Dhruv has 18 Chapters and Vasanthas 18 chapters. These chapters give the student the grip of Hindi and also helps in the development of the vocabulary skills in the language.

All the subjects can be well prepared with the NCERT Solutions.

Benefits of preparation through the NCERT Solutions.

  1. The solutions are prepared and updated according to the CBSE curriculum.
  2. These are curated by experts who have thorough subject knowledge.
  3. All the solutions are given in organized and systematic ways.
  4. The language used is easy to understand.
  5. Students can rely on these for their preparation.
  6. The answers are well presented.
  7. The practice exercise and the sample question papers help the students to prepare in all sections.
  8. The chapter’s explanations are given understandably.

Subject wise preparation for class 7.

All the subjects have equal importance and have to be studied with full focus and concentration. Understanding each chapter and their explanations of each topic has to be done thoroughly if you want to achieve a high score in the subjects.

Science – The syllabus consists of vast chapters and students should start from day 1 to get a proper grip of the subject. Conceptual understanding is very important in Science. Read and understand the chapter. Learn the definitions, formulas if any, diagrams that should be focussed and practised.

Maths- These need practice daily. You cannot learn in a day or memorize. This needs proper understanding and practice as much as possible which will help you to develop your thinking skills. Logical thinking is an important factor to be well versed in this subject.

Social Science- This has lots of events and dates to be remembered. Make a note of such important events and revise them every day so you can remember them well.

English and Hindi- The languages have to be practised with reading and also writing. You have to get familiarized with the words and phrases used. The difficult words and meanings have to be noted down with meanings.

Poems have an inner and significant meaning. Understand the message of the poet and read the summary of the poem which will give you a better understanding.

When it comes to Languages grammar becomes very important in both English and Hindi. Learn the usage and practise the grammatical part just like how you practise maths. This will help you to know the usage and you can improve in presenting the answers better.

General tips for preparation in class 7.

  1. Understand the syllabus and make an organized study plan and let your parents help you.
  2. Dedicate a place where you will be comfortable to study.
  3. Fix a time for studies and follow the same.
  4. Take small breaks during your studies.
  5. Take help from your parents to give you a test after each chapter. Follow this for all the subjects.
  6. Make sure that you practice numerical every day.
  7. Once you are ready with all the syllabus you can try to solve the sample question papers.
  8. While reading the chapters in any subject make a note of points which you find difficult.
  9. Clear the doubts either with teachers or your parents.
  10. Don’t get demotivated if you are not able to understand any chapter by reading once. You can always try again and you will.

Class 7 is the basic preparation to make the students ready for the higher classes. Focus and understand all the chapters and the topics. Follow the tips regularly and you can be well versed in all the subjects.

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