When to Use Baby Balm

All moms love to be as resourceful as possible.

With a child comes a whole range of items that moms need to stock up in the house to be prepared for anything at any time.

So when the opportunity comes to have a product in the home that serves multiple functions, it is pretty darn exciting! And a pretty easy sell to any mother looking to de-clutter the cupboards and invest in products that offer longevity and multiple uses.

Let us introduce you to baby balm, a product that offers multiple uses and is not just used for babies!

Baby balm is made with a range of natural and organic ingredients that are good for anyone, no matter if you are a newborn or the actual mom of the newborn. This product has gotten much attention lately because of the incredibly rich vitamins and healing properties it can provide all over the body. And we literally mean all over!

To further convince you that baby balm is an absolute must product for you, here are five times when you can use this product, and five times we can pretty much guarantee you are going to fall in love with it!

  1. Baby balm for your baby’s bum

Your baby has some of the most sensitive skin and need a lot of extra love and care to keep it healthy and protected. Babies are subjected to a whole range of threats to their skin, one of the biggest being that darn diaper! Because that area of the skin is extra sensitive and receives a lot of action throughout the day, it is very common that your baby’s bum will become irritated and develop a rash. The baby balm provides a gentle and chemical-free option to heal the skin and keep your baby happy.

  1. Baby balm for your own skin

As a mom, your skin needs just as much love as your baby’s! If you are breastfeeding, chances are that your nipples will become cracked and irritated. Baby balm is a wonderful solution to heal that area. In addition, while going through pregnancy your skin will be stretched to the max! During and after the pregnancy, the baby balm is a proven solution to help minimize the scars from the stretch marks and keep your skin looking as elastic and beautiful as possible.

  1. Baby balm for the bags

New parents everywhere can relate—with a new baby comes massive sleep deprivation! But if you already have baby balm in the house, you already have a cure for those bags under your eyes! The baby balm helps firm up the skin around the eyes and prevents any wrinkles from occurring there. It will help you remain youthful and feel rejuvenated during a very tiring and draining period of life! And you deserve to feel good as a new mom! Try incorporating it into your daily routine, with a little bit after you cleanse in the morning and at night.

  1. Baby balm for the bobs

We aren’t kidding when we say you can use baby balm for your hair! The ingredients in the balm work just as well on the hair as they do the skin. It is a perfect solution to keep those stray hairs in place and keep your hair looking good without having to use gel. Plus, you should give the baby balm a go-to shape your eyebrows—trust us, you will definitely thank us later! And why not give your partner a chance to use the baby balm too for his hair. He may find it keeps his hair healthier when he styles it compared to hair spray or gel. Parents will never look as good as they do when they use baby balm.

  1. Baby balm for the hands and feet

Your hands and feet are used quite a lot during the day, especially as parents. Baby balm is the ultimate way to soothe out any calluses or heal any cracks because there is so much moisture inside the balm. You will be wowed at how quickly the skin on your hands and feet heel. The best time of day to apply it is right before bed, so your skin has time to fully absorb without risking any of it being wiped off from your actions during the day. You will probably notice your cuticles and nails get quite the benefit from the baby balm too.

We weren’t kidding when we said that baby balm is literally good for any time your skin needs a little extra loving. Whether you want to protect your baby’s bum, rejuvenate your own skin or keep your brows looking on fleek during motherhood, the baby balm is the go-to lifesaver at any time of day and during any situation that might impact the wellbeing of your skin. And if you needed any more convincing, when your skin feels good you feel good. And when your baby’s skin is looking good, you feel good. And every mother deserves to feel good! 

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