What You Need to Add to Your Shower Routine

Who doesn’t love shower time? It is one of the best parts of the day.

It allows us a private time to meditate, relax, and cleanse. It is no surprise that many of us could easily spend ten minutes plus in the shower every day!

But shower times are not just to cleanse yourself. Obviously, cleaning your skin and hair is very important, especially if you want to avoid drawing attention to smelling bad. But have you ever thought about adding a little bit more to your shower routine? You know, to make shower time more like spa time?

For instance, the scalp massager could be something that you use every day for a little bit of time and acts as a little treat you look forward to.

To help you maximize your shower time and make it super special, here are the essentials you should be adding to your shower routine.

  1.     Deep conditioning mask

Your hair is a huge piece of your identity, and you should certainly show it a little bit of love. Consider adding a deep conditioning mask that your hair can soak in for five or so minutes on a weekly basis, and you will certainly see huge results! These hair masks are made with lots of essential nutrients like rosehip and argan oil—both smell amazing and will make your hair beautiful and silky. It is also an excellent go-to for when your hair has been a bit damaged by too much time in the sun or the salt water.

  1.     Exfoliating soap

There are a whole range of soaps that you could use to wash your body, but is it actually removing your dead skin? Investing in exfoliating soaps ensures that your skin will be glowing and looking pristine. Plus, it feels pretty good to get that deep scrub in. Often, these exfoliating soaps are made with natural ingredients like cranberries or shea butter—both ingredients your spa therapist would use on you. So basically, you are giving your skin a spa treatment every single day!

  1.     Scalp massager

To get long and luscious hair, you need to have a healthy scalp! Without your scalp in tip top shape, it is unlikely you will see the hair growth you want. A great way to keep your scalp nice and healthy is by investing in a scalp massager. This nifty little item is great at getting any build up of product out of your scalp and also getting rid of any flakes or dead skin. Plus, it feels like someone is giving you a head massage. Self-love is a must, and this is a great way to ensure you get it in the shower!

  1.     Body brush

Just as important is your skin and making sure your skin all over your body is actually not covered with dead flaxes. Using a body brush allows your soaps to really work into your pores and zap out any of the bad stuff. Plus, these brushes act as a type of detoxifier, so your skin will be feeling nice and fresh after you give yourself a good rub down! When you go to the spa, you will likely be treated to a nice exfoliating scrub and a body brush lets you do that yourself!

  1.     Shower mask

If your skin is extra inflamed and suffering, shower masks might be best for you! The red skin can be treated with a shower mask, which is a cooling gel that helps calm your skin down and feels really good too! All you have to do is massage a thin layer on your skin, and the heat from the warm water in the shower will do the rest! Do this part of your shower routine first and leave on until you are wrapping up your shower routine.

  1.     Gradual Tan

How cool is this, you can tan while doing your shower routine! We all long for sun-kissed skin and a bronze hue but are a bit eerie of spending too much time in those pesky UV rays. Getting tan in the shower is actually super easy—all you need to do is lather the tanning lotion on your skin from head to toe after you dry off from your shower and leave on for the rest of the day. Then repeat the process the following day and the day after, and you will be looking bronzer than you could have ever imagined!

Your shower routine should be something that you love and look forward to doing. Don’t shy away from adding little treats in for yourself to spice up that shower routine, show your skin some love and make the most of your shower time!

The results of your shower routine are sure to kick in soon if you keep up the consistency with your routine and enjoy every second of it!

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