What Ingredients Can Improve Your Mood

Your mood is a direct function of your potential; if you are having a bad day and dealing with negative emotions, your mood is down and your potential is limited, and vice versa, if you are positively focused, you are more likely to achieve more of what is set in front of you and your goals are more easily met. However, gaining control over your mood can seem incredibly difficult. Fighting mental health battles, struggling with different external factors, and just having a mindset brought on by twenty-first century life can be almost impossible to overcome. That is why so many people come to a point where they feel like they have to completely overhaul their lifestyles just to feel capable of accomplishing simple tasks. For some, improving their mood seems like a daunting feat that can only be achieved by shifting away from one life path and into another.
However, there are far simpler methods that allow for people to maintain their individuality and focus on the goals that they set for themselves. You don’t have to completely give up on a path if it brings you to a place where your mood seems to be negative. There are simple lifestyle changes that can improve your mood without completely changing your goals.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid as an Ingredient

The human brain is a complex wired network of receptors that outputs information to the muscles. These receptors take signals from our bodies and turn them into reactions, both physical and emotional. One such receptor is the Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (or GABA) receptor in our brain, which when stimulated, can produce a calming effect. One of the biggest negative factors to mood is stress or anxiety. Stress triggers our fight or flight instincts which can often lead to impulsive decision making that has long-term effects that may not be completely positive.

To avoid that, it is important to make sure that certain stress-inducing sections of our brain are triggered in the right way.

Boosting your mood with original mood chews that contain GABA will allow positive amino acids to attach to the right receptors in your brain, producing a more natural and longer lasting relaxing effect.
The calmer you are, the less stress you will encounter, which is essential to effective decision making. GABA is an active ingredient and is a great way to improve your mood naturally without a large lifestyle change.

L-Theanine as an Ingredient

A second amino acid on the list of ingredients that will improve your mood, L-Theanine is a naturally occurring ingredient in tea leaves that will promote de-stressing without making you lethargic or drowsy. Many prescribed anti-anxiety medication is almost more of a sedative than an actual mood improvement, and often leaves people feeling very low energy. If you are looking for a way to naturally improve your mood and limit stress, it’s important that any method you choose avoids obvious negative side effects. Original mood chews harness the power of L-Theanine in a way that limits stress, promotes an anxiety free thought process, and pushes you to be your best self.
Boosting your L-Theanine levels before entering into or experiencing a stressful situation will almost immediately improve your mood, allowing you to focus more on the situation itself than the anxiety that formerly accompanied it.

Rhodiola as an Ingredient

The final ingredient found in original mood chews that will improve your mood is an adaptogen called Rhodiola rosea, or just Rhodiola. Adaptogens are naturally sourced ingredients that have been shown to fight the effects of stress, preparing people for more stressful situations while also mitigating any existing stress. Specifically, Rhodiola has been found to increase resistance to stress and its symptoms, anxiety and fatigue.
It is essential as an ingredient because it will actually build over time, almost creating a natural defense against stress that grows as you do. Chronic stress or situational stress can both limit emotional and practical potential, and improving your mood to avoid stress is the best way to avoid being limited in your potential. Rhodiola definitively improves your endurance in stress inducing situations by giving you the capacity you need to handle more and more pressure over time.


In summary, improving your mood naturally is a completely attainable goal. Instead of making huge lifestyle and goal changes that may require you to miss out on things you wish you could otherwise accomplish, taking a simple supplement such as the original mood chew will actually give you a boost before stressful situations, mitigate stress during those situations, and build your endurance to stress over time. You will come out feeling better with an improved mood and a better handle on the things you try to undertake. Becoming your best you is really as simple as that.

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