What are the Types of Balers?

A baler is a farm machinery used to compress rakes and cut crops like flax straw, silage, or hay. A commercial baler provides an effective and practical way to dispose of enormous trash amounts, and the best designs operate horizontally or vertically.

Most businesses depend on balers for their recycling wants, and they are the best if you want a low-cost option. Unlike what most people assume, not all balers are the same; they might have the same function but process waste using different techniques.

Below we discuss the most common types of balers;

Vertical Balers

As the name suggests, these balers depend on a vertically downward and concentrated acting force, enabling them to compress waste. The materials used in these machines handle foam, plastics, and paper.

The main highlight of using these balers is they have a small footprint than others, meaning they can be used in factories and industries with huge space limits. Also, these balers are cheaper than horizontal balers, making them ideal for startups.

Other benefits of these balers include the following;

  • Easily loadable
  • Smaller footprint
  • Ideal for startups
  • Cheap

Horizontal Balers

 Horizontal balers are the direct opposite of vertical balers. Unlike vertical balers that depend on a downward acting force, this type has rams that exert a horizontal pressure that recycles waste.

The main highlight of horizontal balers is they can compress and process a large number of recyclables at a go. This feature makes them more expensive, but they are cost-effective options than vertical ones.

Other benefits of horizontal balers include the following;

  • Faster service
  • Consistent bale production
  • High volume capacity
  • It can be linked with other system accessories.

Two Ram Balers

These balers are also known as dual ram balers. Two ram balers are the perfect option for organizations that wish to turn recyclables to bale fast. This is because these bales reduce the preconditioning significantly before it gets compressed.

These creative machines also lower the required operation cost of labor and are costlier than the above-listed designs.

Closed Door Baler

The closed-door horizontal baler is an improved design of the horizontal type. This baler’s design resembles superior hydraulics and a closed door. This baler is capable of handling recyclables faster than horizontal balers.

The main highlight of these balers is they eliminate the urge to have dedicated operators, thus lowering the cost of labor.

Auto Tie Baler

The auto-tie horizontal baler is an improved type of horizontal baler. The key highlight is that it can be fine-tuned to feed conveyors and complement air systems. The auto tie baler is an energy-efficient, cost-effective option compared to the above designs but is also the most expensive.

How to Choose Baler Equipment

A vertical baler is the best choice for small operations, as it has the tiniest footprint. However, a horizontal baler is ideal for large-scale operations, especially those with plenty of room.

Final Thoughts

Balers are essential equipment that comes with loads of benefits. They help organizations clear trash fast, and the above article has discussed all you need to know about them.

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