What are Real Food Vitamins?

It is safe to say that we have all become more focused on our health this year. That includes paying attention to our diet and what we are fuelling our bodies with to get us through this challenging year!

One of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy and ready to take on any pesky virus is through our intake of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are something that we get naturally on a daily basis through the foods we consume and the habits we have on a daily basis. There is a whole range of vitamins out there, each helping to accomplish a different feat within our own body.

But for a range of reasons, many of us are not able to get the full amount of vitamins we need on a regular basis. This means we are putting our bodies at risk of being deprived of essential nutrients to keep us healthy! However, there is no reason to fear, as the modern health world has provided us with ways to still get the proper amount of vitamins in a healthy way, and that is through real food vitamins!

But did you know that there are actually different types of vitamins you can consume? There are real food vitamins and then there are also artificial vitamins.

Both of these vitamins have the same goal in mind, to help your body maintain the level of nutrients needed to function highly and productively. But there are a few differences between what types of vitamins you can get and we are firm believers that real food vitamins are one of the healthiest alternatives to ensuring your body is well-nourished and healthy! The main difference is that real food vitamins are said to be absorbed by our body nearly two times better than what an artificial vitamin be absorbed.

We are going to highlight several real food vitamins that you should consider taking today!

  1. Vitamin K-2

Vitamin K is a nutrient that is known to help our body deliver calcium throughout our body. Without it, our bones would not be as strong, our heart would not be as healthy and our cardiovascular system could become overwhelmed! Real food vitamin K-2 is made through fermented soy and can deliver the most natural form of support to your bones!

  1. Vitamin E

Our bodies would be lost without Vitamin E, which helps our heart stay super healthy and beating regularly. Food that this is found in naturally includes a whole range of nuts and oils. But when it comes to the real food vitamin form, Vitamin E is often made with sunflower seed oil in the form of a digestible food capsule. That is a pretty easy way to keep our hearts healthy!

  1. Vitamin B group

One of the most important groups of vitamins is the Vitamin B group, which has eight different types of Vitamin B complexes. All of these are super important for our health and mainly comes from our eating a wide variety of foods. For those of us with special diets (shout out to the vegetarians and vegans), real food Vitamin B supplements are a very appealing option to ensure that we stay well-nourished, as the majority of these vitamins are found in animal food products. These vitamins are made from things like quinoa sprouts and have amazing results of making your whole body look and feel great!

  1. Multi-vitamins

Real food vitamins can also come in the form of multi-vitamins, which are a combination of a range of essential nutrients our bodies need to maintain health. They are a blend of different herbs and extracts like pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and even algae. These real food vitamins are known to help us feel less stressed, increase our immunity, and maximize our antioxidant functionality.

While these real food vitamins are in no way a replacement to us eating actual food and getting our bodies well nourished that way, real food vitamins offer a natural and organic approach to taking these supplements in the most natural form available.

We all know that our bodies should be avoiding chemical substances at all possible costs. This is mainly because our bodies are simply not designed to absorb foreign substances! This is really where real food vitamins come in to do the trick because they allow the body to absorb the vitamins in a natural way from real food sources.

This is quite an exciting progression in the health world, as we should all be wanting to fuel our body with only premium minerals and nutrients that are real! And it is pretty cool to think that these real food vitamins are made from items like kelp, algae, sprouts, herbs, and even cherries!

Real food vitamins are providing a fun and healthy way to continue being a wellness seeker and ensuring that our bodies are fuelled with all the good stuff!

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