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One of the most powerful PropTech in the AEC industry which is booming like none other is Building Information Modeling which creates more than just a detailed 3-dimensional model. BIM brings about a more extensive rundown of the project and encapsulates the entire lifespan of the structure from its ideation to its demolition to rebuilding. It is transforming how construction and restoration projects have been carried out for ages. The importance of this technology is widely known and accepted in engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and construction industry and is transforming them to increase the overall profitability to bring about the expansion in terms of quantity and quality.

BIM is impactful for building owners as it is a shared information resource where all the stakeholders are not only able to view but even input the relevant information into the project. This brings about access to the desired information at any point in time to make decisions based on the right expertise and knowledge available. AEC firms across the globe are utilizing Architectural BIM services to bring the high-end infrastructure and develop projects like never before. As per one of the researches, the Global BIM market is expected to reach 4210million USD by the year 2024. The forecasted BIM adoption for the year 2021 shows applauding results. Surveys have suggested that the UK will see 95% of the projects adopting BIM, Canada 85%, Denmark 93%, and Japan adopting BIM services for almost 88% of their construction needs.

While we have been seeing the exponential growth in the usage of BIM users since the last decade, the surveys conducted have always proven and supported the means and ways this market is spreading like wildfire. In the year 2018, as much as 82% of the AEC professionals surveyed throughout the world responded that BIM is the future of project information.

Top three areas where BIM usage is high:

  • 91% of the BIM projects are used for 3D Visualisation needs, showing that visualization is one of the powerful tools of this technology.
  • 80% of the BIM clients have been using it for Clash Detection, which helps detect conflicts early in the designing stage to bring about smoother construction flows
  • 57% of BIM users use this technology for performance analysis of their construction projects.

How BIM is revolutionizing the AEC industry?

With the usage of professional skilled BIM consultants and designers, firms like ASC Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. bring about efficiency in services like MEP, Structural, or Architectural BIM services.

Some key factors to note with on-boarding BIM services are: 

  • Greater Collaboration among teams: One of the research conducted revealed that there was about 61% reduction in project errors, 55% reduction in time spent for required communication, 52% higher quality of projects, and a 52% increment in client satisfaction along with greater visibility and input of the project due to enhanced collaboration. Not just this, the numbers also project that 82% of the BIM users have had a positive Return on Investment with 14% breaking even, which means 96% of the BIM users have at least made up for their cost of investment.

Having seen such numbers it is visible that collaboration is one of the prime necessities when it comes to the success of any construction project which is easily achievable with BIM implementation. There is the usage of platforms and tools that allow integration of workflows and multi-disciplinary collaboration and communication among varied teams involved in a project.

  • Improving Design Insights: 

BIM processes that allow users to create, capture, compute data, and evaluate the alternatives in a real-world scenario helps in improvising design insights. To have that opportunity and a level of analytical insight early in the designing phase through BIM modeling services has proven to impact the outcome of the project positively. One of the sure-short reasons to utilize BIM is the ability to generate more reasonable designing. This means to bring about the concept of initial stage sketch into the modeling tools, incorporating contextual details from technologies like geographical information system (GIS) and reality capture, and generating multiple design options with the help of parametric capabilities. While generating appropriate designing is essential equally critical is to be able to analyze those designing options to find the best solution. This would include analysis of the performance of the building at the conceptual stage itself and attaching computation design algorithms to identify the impact of the design choices one makes. The computational design allows designers to model and simulate the behavior of a proposed design solution algorithmically to understand the effect the choice of designs will have on the entire project.

  • Construction Integrated with De

With the usage of BIM, the distance between physical systems and digital processing is blurring thereby making the build phases and designing phases coming closer. This means that there is integration between the design and development workflows which will save a lot of money and time, as the project moves from the 3D concept to the field. This integration of the design and the construction phase has technically proven to be beneficial to the MEP trades of a project. Apart from this, with BIM integration there is the elimination of unwanted rework, material, and costs wastage reduces and brings about engagement in the material supply chain early in the construction stage thereby helping to mitigate risks. Some of the additional benefits are the realization of design intent, bringing about collaboration across geographies distributed globally, attracting, and retaining tech-savvy talents, and the ability to finish more work with less labor.

Why Outsource BIM services to a partner like ASC Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.?

BIM is an integrated system throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. BIM outsourcing services increase the overall efficiency when it comes to coordinated project delivery by saving big on time and money in those construction projects. While the BIM adoption is increasing year on year, some of the major challenges that companies face while implementing BIM not only includes time and money restriction but lack of skilled personnel and the required technology and infrastructure for implementation of these services. So, when something becomes this heavy to implement in-house the best alternative is to consider outsourcing it.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing bim services are:

  • Enhanced efficiency in the design and construction process.
  • Improvising the overall quality of construction
  • Better performance of the structure
  • A decrement in the overall operation cost of the structure
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Overall cost reduction for building owners

ASC Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been established as the best outsourcing services partner for services like Structural BIM services, Scan to BIM, 4D Construction Simulation, MEP, and Architectural BIM, and much more. While studying and researching about 252 general contracting firms the research reveals that almost 45% of the responding companies have outsourced BIM showing the revolution this industry is garnering. While some countries have mandated BIM for their construction projects others are readily switching to it due to the mere advantages this technology brings.

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