Tips to Remember Class 12 Physics Derivations

Class 12 Physics may seem difficult to some students due to varying reasons. For some, the theory seems lengthy and complicated. For others, the numericals are hard to solve. Yet others may feel averse to long and numerous derivations.  

Numerical questions are solvable if you understand the theoretical concepts behind them. However, sometimes certain calculation mistakes may cost you to lose marks in numerical questions. However, when it comes to derivations, they can be pretty scoring. Here is why:

  1. They are many times asked directly. So you have to just write them as it is. There is no chance of making calculation mistakes here.
  2. They are often repeated in exams. So you can be sure that they will be asked in the exam and hence study them well.
  3. You can go through previous years’ question papers to see the most often repeated derivation questions. This way you can practice the important derivations more and in turn, increase your chances of scoring marks in derivation questions.
  4. Unlike numericals, you can get them 100% correct.

But students often ask how to memorize such a large number of lengthy derivations for the exam. Here are a few pointers to help you memorize them perfectly.

  • Begin with a positive mindset:

Whatever you choose to do in life, the first step should not be half-hearted. Those students who find Physics tedious, open their textbooks with a dull attitude. It is like someone is forcing them to study this subject which they have no interest in. This happens usually because they think of Physics as hard. Remember that nothing is difficult to understand if given its due. When you approach the subject thinking you can do it and it is just useful and fascinating, you would have won half your battle. So next time you open your NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics, do it with a positive mindset. Tell yourself that you can understand it and even master it. Just take it one topic at a time and you will love it.

  • Look at them closely:

Before beginning to memorize or even understand a derivation, take a long hard look at it. Try to familiarize yourself with each line, its format, the terms used, and even its length. Do not just jump to memorizing it. Sometimes these visual memories help you remember the derivation when writing it in the exam. Even if you miss a step later, your visual memory will tell you that something is missing. So make sure to probe these derivations visually before you have a go at them.

  • Understand, don’t mug!

The next and the more obvious step is to understand and not cram. This is typical mistake students make while learning any difficult subject. Rote memorization will not take you anywhere in Physics or any other subject for that matter. Try to understand the logic behind the derivation. What are you trying to prove? What is the statement of the derivation? What are the terms used? What methods are being used to arrive at the conclusion? If you find any steps hard, feel free to ask your teachers. Additionally, go on the internet and look up certain animated videos on the derivations. These animated conceptual videos can be a boon for curious learners. They give you a wider picture of the concepts related to the derivation. Furthermore, you can read up on the derivation from 1 or 2 reference books as well. Reading up about the same thing from different sources in different wordings also helps you to broaden your perspective of the topic.

  • Be familiar with each notation and term

Make sure you understand and memorize each term and notation related to that derivation. You can even make a separate key where all the notations, signs, and terms related to the derivation are defined and named. Whenever you mix up anything you can refer to this key and revise it.

  • Maintain a separate notebook

Maintain a separate notebook containing only derivations starting from the beginning till the end of the NCERT textbook. This is your derivation revision manual. You can easily refer to them every day and just read them before bedtime. They will be more useful than a bedtime story!

  • Daily written practice

Since there are numerous derivations that you need to remember, make sure you practice at least 3-4 derivations daily. You should have a practice notebook for this. You will have to write one derivation 3 times in a row in this notebook. Do this for 3-4 derivations every day. By the end of the year, you would have these derivations at the tip of your tongue.

  • Make up your own tricks

If certain derivations feel more difficult than usual, make stories around them, use mnemonics, or whatever floats your boat to learn them. Personal tricks always work wonders in memorization.

  • Go at it step by step

Remember to write each step of the derivation as you write them in your notebooks. Never miss a single step. Moreover, if you find a certain step difficult to grasp, do not move on to the next step until you clear your doubts and have complete clarity on that step.

  • Go through the previous years’ question papers

Previous years’ question papers will give you an idea about the most repeatedly asked derivations in the Class 12 examination. Mark them as important and spend more time learning and practicing these along with the others.

  •  Revise when free

Even if you get a 30-minute free time during the day, take out your derivation manual and read it. See if you have forgotten anything. If you make it a habit to casually go through these derivations without any pressure in your free time, you will be amazed how much of it you will start remembering in no time. 

  • Stay focused

Lastly, the most important thing is to stay focused and away from distraction. Use your smartphones and laptops only when you need to study something important. Class 12 is an integral milestone in your education journey and physics can help you better your score hugely in the board exam. If you memorize all the derivations, you can be sure to score perfect marks in those questions at least. Next, all you have to do is work on your theory and numerical questions. So stay away from social media, unnecessary outings, and any negativity. Focus on learning and its importance and you will not regret it.

Derivations are only as intimidating as you let them be. With the strategies and mindset mentioned here, you will be able to memorize them in a way that they won’t be forgotten for a long time. It all comes with the right effort, determination, and perseverance with a positive attitude.

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