Tips For Planning A Move To Montreal

Moving to a new place is usually an adventure, but it can also be stressful. It isn’t very comfortable when you don’t know where to go, what to do, or say. Montreal is well known for its friendliness, but the city also has certain peculiarities. You should be aware of a few minor details while moving to Montreal.

1. Prepare for your move to Montreal by learning about Quebec

Eastern Canada’s Quebec, dubbed the “Beautiful Province,” is a French-speaking province with a small English population. These numerous lakes and rivers inspired the name “Algonquian,” which translates as “the narrows” in the native tongue.

Quebec is Canada’s largest province, with Quebec City as its capital and La Metropole as its cultural and economic center. Montreal is a great place to start over with all of the facilities you could need. In addition to the beautiful landscape, it offers excellent academics and career prospects.

2. Find a Place to Live That Suits Your Tastes

Because of Montreal’s unique ambiance, defined as a cross between Europe and the United States, a wide range of accommodations are available to suit your needs. The city is crammed with diverse residential districts, each with its unique personality. Nevertheless, a few stand out due to their unique lifestyle and involvement in a wide range of activities and events. These are just a few of Montreal’s most desirable enclaves:

  • Chinatown
  • Centre-Ville (Downtown)
  • Le Sud-Ouest
  • Saint-Leonard
  • The Village
  • Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

3. Be Ready To See Large-Scale Construction 

Be ready to see large-scale construction. You’ll be surprised at how much work is being done, and traffic is constantly a problem. Even if you can drive, it’s far better to use public transportation, but if you insist on driving, plan ahead of time because you never know when or where traffic will arrive because it is unpredictable.


4. License to Drive


If you’re a British expat moving to Montreal, you’ll be able to use your UK driver’s license in Canada. However, it will be more convenient in the long run to obtain a driver’s license for the city of Montreal instead.

UK license holders don’t have to take a driving test to switch, but they may have to present proof of current health insurance. To drive in Quebec, you must first get a driver’s license from the SAAQ, the Societe de l’Assurance Automobile du Quebec, whether you’re a British expat or not.

Most of the traffic laws are the same as in the United States or the United Kingdom, such as no driving while intoxicated, wearing a seatbelt at all times, and making sure children are properly restrained in seats that are appropriate for their height and age.

Driving in Montreal is different from driving in other nations in the United Kingdom in one crucial way: here, you drive in the right-hand lane, not the left. For Americans, this means a smoother transition to driving, but it means a more difficult one for Brits. So plan to get your license accordingly when moving to Montreal.

5. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Bitter Cold


Montreal’s winters are no laughing matter. As if freezing conditions weren’t bad enough, it appears as if the world is ending when snowfall occurs.

You may find it strange to see that most things keep happening as usual. People drive in the snow, schools are open, and life goes on as usual. It’s a little surreal to see, but this is Montreal, so expect the unexpected.

Make an effort to learn some French, and you can hone your language skills as you go along. Plan everything well and keep these things in view when moving to Montreal.

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