The plans and promotions available with CenturyLink Internet

Currently, CenturyLink is one of the largest Internet service providers in the US. At the moment, the services of CenturyLink are being offered in over 35 states all across the nation of United States. CenturyLink offers both fiber as well as DSL connections. The DSL connection uses the phone lines to transfer data, while the fiber uses the fiber network for the same. In the case of the DSL connection, the speed of the Internet may be lesser than those providing the Internet via the user fiber networks. Suppose you are living in a region where CenturyLink fiber Internet connection is already in place. In that case, you should choose to opt for the fiber connection.

Currently, the best deals of CenturyLink are being offered with fiber plans. The fiber plans prices have also been stashed. Now, the fiber plans are being offered at $30 per month for the period of the first 12 months. The speed available with the fiber plans is 100 MBPS. Once the initial 12-month period is over, the price of the fiber Internet plan returns to its regular monthly price of $50 per month. A few other advantages that you will be able to avail yourself if you choose to opt for CenturyLink fiber are:

  • A visa gift card worth $200 on signing up for CenturyLink fiber.
  • Free installation services as well as the availability of free modem.
  • Six months availability of free Sling TV.
  • Free 12 months availability of EPIX NOW.

Currently, CenturyLink fiber is available in 25 metropolitan cities. If you are living in any of these regions, you should go for the fiber connection. If you do not have a fiber connection in your location, you should go for the DSL service,, which provides you 100 MBPS download speed at $50 per month.

The Internet-only deals of CenturyLink

Earlier, CenturyLink had a deal in place which was referred to as ‘price for life’. Unfortunately, the ‘price for life’ offer has been removed by CenturyLink. Yet, CenturyLink is amongst one of the very few providers who are still offering no-contract plans to their customers. The no-contract policy of CenturyLink allows the customer to cancel the service at any point in time without giving the company an exit fee. Choose to go for an agreement plan as is available in the case of the other internal service providers. You will have to pay an additional exit fee if you decide to leave before the time mentioned it the agreement is up. However, with CenturyLink, you play on a monthly basis. There is no agreement plan. Therefore, you are free to leave the services anytime.

Another advantage of CenturyLink internet deals is that they allow the customers to use their modem. This will save you around $180 annually in modem fees. In case you choose to sign up for the CenturyLink Gigabit, the modem will come for free. It is recommended to opt for the CenturyLink modem until and unless you are experienced with home networking solutions. There are two primary advantages of opting for a CenturyLink modem if you are not well versed with home networking:

  • Suppose there is a power or Internet outage. In that case, the CenturyLink technical team can easily figure out the fall since they are well versed with the modem’s functioning and problems.
  • CenturyLink modem also has a secure Wi-Fi feature that gives you from visiting any malicious sites that can cause you harm.

Installation and equipment fees in case of CenturyLink

CenturyLink does not have much additional fees. The biggest advantage in the case of CenturyLink is the absence of the data caps. Most of the DSL competitors of CenturyLink are still imposing data caps, while CenturyLink offers unlimited data for their DSL customers.

Depending on your own capability, you may have to spend extra on the modem. The installation fee will depend on which plan you have signed up for and where you reside. If you choose to lease the CenturyLink modem, you will have to pay $15 per month as rent. Alternatively, you can purchase the modem for $200. The taxes are additional depending on your state. If you plan to avail of CenturyLink services for the long term, it is best to purchase the modem. You will get back the money for the modem within one year of service. While, if you choose to go for the payment of monthly fees for the modem, you will be landing up paying more.

The cost of installation in the case of CenturyLink is $149. This has been observed to be higher than the other Internet service providers. However, CenturyLink also has the option of self-installation. If you choose to go for self-installation, you will not have to pay the installation fees.

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