The Changing Face of Work

The COVID pandemic has changed society and business in ways that will be discussed and researched for years to come. Industry veterans such as Eyal Gutentag have given serious thought to the matter and this article shows one way COVID has affected business and leadership going forward. Several aspects of the business world have been permanently altered by COVID and the response to it. One such way is in the increased use of telework which notably impacts how employees approach work and how they interact with management and coworkers.

The Rise Of Telework

As reported by Pew COVID resulted in a lot of office workers becoming teleworkers and for many, this was an entirely new experience. There were challenges to be faced including technological and learning how to use new tools to do common tasks most workers made the transition successfully. Now with a year of experience, lots of teleworkers want to continue to work in this new environment. In addition, many businesses have seen the finical advantages of a more mobile workforce. These include having to rent less office space and being able to close offices that were costing large sums of money while having lower amounts of staff.

Ways To Improve Your Telework Experience

Telework has many advantages as an employee and if you’ve transitioned to telework you no doubt have experienced some of them such as greater control over your environment and the lack of a commute to the office. However, to ensure your telework experience is as good as it can be you to take the proper steps. This not only makes work easier but can also improve the quality of the work you do. Considerations can include:

  • Stable Internet:stable high-speed internet is more readily available but this is not always universally true. When working from home you need stable internet and with technological advancements, traditional and cellular-based options are becoming more widespread. Luckily many professions don’t need the fastest internet you can buy but simply a solid connection to access office tools and your company VPN.
  • A Quiet Office: your home office should reflect an environment similar to the one you had at the office. It should be a quiet professional area that you set aside for work. Removing distractions allows you to work at your best. A disadvantage to working from home is the increased amount of distractions a defined office area helps remove that problem.
  • The Right Mentality: remember to go to work every day with the same mentality you had when you had to drive into the office. Your environment may have changed but your focus on good work and providing the best effort possible should not. In fact, many teleworkers find it useful to dress in professional clothing as they wore in the office to get them in the right headspace and ready to work.

Final Thoughts

The business world is always growing to meet the challenges of technological improvements and societal changes. You’ve no double seen changes in your own profession as the world has advanced in many ways. By being adaptable and committed you can enjoy the advantages of telework while still delivering the high-quality results you did in the past.

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