Take Care of Your Feet – They Might Be Crying For Attention

Our feet go through a lot of stress, wear and tear and we don’t realize that they are in bad shape until they cry for attention. The legs have to bear most of the stress especially our feet as they take the strain of bearing our body weight and long movements. Ignoring your feet can lead to poor health until the skin on our sole starts to callus or we suffer from painful corns due to lack of proper care.

Still, even if you develop a corn or callus then nothing to worry about. A good and reliable podiatrist is anytime available to take care of your callus or corn removal. Dr. Sima Poltani is considered to be the best podiatrist while searching for a good one near Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Mission Vejo, and other nearby areas of Orange County, California.

With an experience of 20 years of treating patients with any kind of foot and ankle problems, she can be trusted as the most reliable one in this field. Just make an appointment with a podiatrist in Irvine and all your foot problems can be taken care of in the most natural way.

However, it is highly recommended that you follow these simple tips to keep your feet in proper good hygienic health. This way you might avoid any kind of callus removal.

Check your feet daily

Keep monitoring your feet every day. See if there are any signs of swelling, redness, blisters, ingrown nails, cuts, or sores. Inspect your nails, check for any infections, ingrown nails, or hangnails.

If you have calluses or corn or any roughness on your feet then soak your feet in warm water to make them soft. After which use a pumice stone or callus file to gently remove the dead cells. However, if you feel it needs proper treatment then suitably visit a podiatrist for foot callus removal.

Avoiding uncomfortable footwear

Corns usually occur on the feet and or between toes, that is areas where there is more friction and pressure. The epidermal part of the skin gets hard and pushes against the nerves lying at the dermis level and this causes pain. Therefore, it is advised not to wear ill-fitting or old shoes. Wearing such uncomfortable footwear creates friction and sweating and then you might have to visit a podiatrist for foot corn removal.

Maintaining foot care for diabetic persons

Individuals with diabetes are more prone to any kind of foot problem due to poor blood circulation and nerve damage. They need to be more careful with their feet by

  • wearing socks and shoes
  • regular monitoring of feet for any signs of blisters, swelling, ingrown toenails, cut, or sores.
  • Protect feet from extreme temperatures.
  • Sprinkle talcum or baby powder on the feet after soaking in lukewarm water so that they don’t get too dry
  • Not to ignore any kind of infections, irritations, or foot pain.

It is very important to spend some time every day on nail and foot care to ensure your feet remain healthy. Pampering your feet is ultimately going to give you desired results that you have ever wished for.

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