Swimming pool design options to consider

When installing a pool, you should first consider how it will be used. Look into whether it will be for recreational purposes, or it will be used when exercising. After that, you can look into different pool design options.

Different types of pool design options include:

• In-ground pools
• Above-ground pools

The Best In-Ground Pools

The in-ground pools can be made of concrete or fiberglass. Each of these pool types its advantages and disadvantages. The primary determinant is the aim of the design and your budget when setting up such a project.

Concrete vs. Fiberglass Pools: Which is More Effective

The concrete pools cost more, and the design process is complex. Concrete pools are more common since they can be tailored to suit your needs in terms of size and shape. They are stunning and string structurally. The finishing options are also many, and they range from a tiled finish to pebbles.

A swimming pool builder can offer some insight into the cost of building a concrete or fiberglass pool. They can also weigh in on the most suitable swimming pool design. The construction process can take a few months to complete.

The cost of maintaining a concrete pool is also high as compared to the fiberglass pools. Since the concrete pools are porous in nature, there will be bacteria and algae growth at a rapid rate.

Benefits of a fiberglass pool include:
They are easy to install and cost-effective as compared to the concrete pools. The pools are constructed off the site, and the installation process can take at least one week.

They have a smooth surface, which means they are easy to clean. The bacteria and algae also can’t grow easily in a fiberglass pool. If you have children and are looking for a suitable swimming pool design, you can try out the fiberglass pool.

Vinyl-Lined Pools

These pool types are a better option, and they are limited. The vinyl lining is smooth and non-abrasive, which means your skin will not be damaged as you swim. The pool does not encourage algae growth, and the maintenance costs are low.

About Container Pools

The container pool swimming pool design is placed above the ground. As the name suggests, the pool is made using shipping containers lined and insulated using molded fiberglass. They are cost-effective since they are delivered after being constructed off-site.


Besides considering the pool design, it is advisable to also look into the type of water you need in the pool. You can opt for freshwater or saltwater depending on your preferences and other factors.

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