Resident Students Consider Manitoba As Heaven: Why?

Canada has been securing its well-established position among the leading study destinations in the world for a decade. Because of several opportunities, students enjoy living in Manitoba. In addition to incredible schools, there are miles of marvelous landscapes and unspoiled lakes nearby the city. This is indisputably one of the great places for all kinds of outdoor activities. Also, Winnipeg represents the ideal combination of country living and city living. Let’s learn more here about why Manitoba is perfect to live in:


As a student, you really want to have plenty of fun at leisure time. There is no better way than to immerse yourself in Canada’s culture. The excellent news is that Winnipeg is considered the cultural crib of Canada. There’s always one thing for everyone here. The Arts lovers can visit the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Manitoba Theater. For art gallery supporters, Forks National Historic Site, The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and Winnipeg Art Gallery are ideal.

Grand Festivals

Winnipeg festival calendar is packed with full of fun. Throughout the year, there are always many fun events. The festivals range from the Arctic Glacier Winter Park and Jazz Winnipeg Festival to the Folkorama and Festival du Voyageur. There are too many events where you can stay at the student apartments near university of Manitoba.

Outstanding Scenery

One of the vital factors that most students say about Manitoba is the phenomenal outdoors. It has so many beautiful locations beside the city borders. In Manitoba, there are more than 100,000 scenic lakes and many municipal parks. This is the best spot for outdoor lovers. Camping, fishing, camping, bath lakes, Mountain Biking and so many more things are there where you can take part in. You already have guessed that Manitoba is ideal in summer.

The Winter Wonderland

When the weather gets colder, you don’t need to lock yourself inside the house. If you’re a winter lover, you may spoil your time by sitting at home. The town has been shrouded in snow for a record 132 days a year.  Sports encourage the guests to play such as cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, ice skating, etc.

Northern Lights

Did you see the Northern Lights? If not, just go to experience Aurora Borealis in Manitoba. It is such a   stunning phenomenon, which can be witnessed only in northern spots around the world.

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