Read To Know When Baby Tooth Falls and Adult Tooth Erupts

If you are a new parent or you already are a parent of a few children, it is always better to know when you should expect your baby’s teeth to erupt and be ready to face teething problems.

Also, you need to again take care of your child when their baby teeth will fall and new ones replaces it.

How to comfort your baby during teething phase?

As soon as your baby child’s initial teeth start appearing you will notice a little difference in their normal behavior. You must then consult a pediatric dentist cypress TX as your baby cannot talk.

You will notice a few indicators while your baby is teething:

  • Chewing on objects
  • Tugging at the ears
  • Drooling more than expected
  • Biting down hard when you are nursing
  • Putting fingers into their mouth

Try to follow all the advice offered by your cypress TX pediatric dentist so that you can help your baby to feel better by giving them chilled teething ring for chewing.

Losing baby teeth

Now your baby has grown up and the good thing is that he or she can talk. You must be thinking that everything is under control when suddenly your child will complain that his or her tooth has become loose and cannot chew properly.

You will again face the teething problem of your child when they will be nearing around 6 years old. You need to take your child once gain to any cypress pediatric dentist for extracting the baby tooth.

This will continue till your child reaches the age of around 12 years. Since all tooth has its own time, they will not be removed simultaneously so time and again you need to visit the clinic of pediatric dentist cypress Texas for extracting the loose tooth.

Although you children may live with part of their baby teeth and partly with their adult teeth, till the age of 22 also. However, by that time your child is a grown-up teenager and perhaps not needed so much of your support while visiting any dentist clinic.

By now they will get 28 permanent teeth and thereafter their wisdom teeth will start coming. This process can start from the age of 17-21 and may continue until the age of 30 too, when they will get their 32 teeth.

What about wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth as mentioned before too usually starts appearing when your child attains late teen years. This may vary from child to child. Few children may start getting their wisdom teeth even before reaching teenage and for a few, it may start when they reach adult age.

You might often be surprised to know that few children may not get their wisdom teeth at all. Also, some of them may get only 2 instead of all 4.

These final tooth sets are called wisdom teeth due to certain folklore belief that one can get these teeth only when they are fully matured and have gained sufficient knowledge from their life experiences.

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