Ran Desantis Proposes Anti-Covid Mandate for Population in Florida: Desantis, Trump, or Biden In The US Presidential Race 2024

Ran Desantis, Governor of Florida, proposes an anti-covid-19 mandate to free the people in Florida. In a press conference held in Panama City Beach, he said, the proposal protects the jobs of people in Florida from coronavirus vaccine mandates. Dr. Joseph Ladapo, a Surgeon General, Jimmy Patronis, CFO, and Dr. Neal Dunn FL2, a congressman, also joined the press conference. Medical practitioners will also benefit from free speech from the permanent ban on covid-19 vaccine mandates in the state.

The anti-mandate action protects the rights of parents. The governor said the state is a refuge of sanity when people across the world lose their minds. Florida is staged as an example of freedom for people. The new measures will protect the people in the state and allow freedom of speech for healthcare practitioners. The governor’s proposal finds a significant slot in the US News Websites.

Joseph shared his personal experience as a physician and health science researcher that several eminent scientists received threats because of their unorthodox views. He further said such views have been proven to be true in the past several years. Therefore, all healthcare professionals should be allowed to engage in a discourse of scientific information ignoring the fear of their careers or lives.

After signing the law in 2021 protecting the jobs in Florida and the rights of parents in making decisions for their students’ health, Ran Desantis banned the mask mandates. He also removed the vaccine mandates by private employers in the state. The governor is continuing the protection of the freedoms of Floridians. He also ensures non-discrimination against coronavirus vaccine mandate status.

Highlights of the proposal

  • Permanent ban on coronavirus vaccine mandates in the state
  • Prevents dismissal of employees based on their mRNA jabs
  • Prevents wearing masks and coronavirus vaccine mandate in all Florida schools
  • Permanently bans wearing masks at business establishments in the state

According to the new proposal, no medical professional will lose a job or license for voicing a professional opinion in the state of Florida. It also prevents discrimination against medical professionals based on their religious opinions. Ran Desantis will also fight corporations, businesses, and local governments against imposing covid related mandates.

Desantis Expects To Give A Tough Fight to Trump or Joe Biden In 2024 Presidential Elections

According to the latest news in prominent  US News Websites, Ron Desantis, the Florida Governor, expects to win over the existing US president – Joe Biden. It is revealed from the results of a news poll in the first week of this month.

Ron Desantis will give a tough fight to Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race compared to the former US president – Donald Trump. In November 2022, Trump announced plans to run for the presidential polls in 2024. Joe Biden has not yet decided on the presidential elections next year. However, he is open to the presidential race if he is mentally and physically fit. Ran Desantis expects to announce his bid for the presidential race later this year.

According to the recent poll results, Desantis expects to win with a margin of 45% in 2024. The survey included a total of 20 questions. The voters preferred Desantis as the most favored person in the news poll.

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