Plastic Surgery Trends in 2021

2020 was a year full of self-reflection and personal improvement. To some, it presented the perfect opportunity to undergo cosmetic procedures that they had been contemplating. Beginning with the pandemic, 2021 continued to surprise with new habits, trends, and lifestyles as a result of spending extra time at home and limited social and external opportunities.

In addition to adapting to work-from-home changes, people all over the world have spent over a year looking at themselves through screens on video calls and social media, putting their appearance under constant observation. The second that elective surgery was allowed to resume, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and others in the aesthetics industry faced a tremendous backlog of patients.

Popularity of Post-Pandemic Procedures

Once surgeons finally got the go-ahead to take patients, they witnessed a significant increase in demand for specific cosmetic procedures. Instead of changes in the types of procedures requested, they are experiencing a new sense of urgency in patients. With hope returning after a long, stressful year, many people hope to emerge from their home offices with a new and improved look.

After spending over a year locked inside, people are now ready to spend the money they would have spent on trips or social outings in 2020 and early 2021. The excitement of self-improvement and having unused spending money has led many people into plastic surgeons’ offices. Additionally, the imminent return to regular activity has also incentivized those considering procedures to do so quickly while they can still recover in the comfort of their homes.

Demand for Multiple Procedures

For many of the same reasons, people are more interested than ever in receiving multiple treatments and procedures. Since recovery is relatively simple and flexible, it is easier than ever to heal from cosmetic procedures, making it much more appealing to get multiple surgeries at once.

“Staying at home has provided a great opportunity for people to seek the treatments they have been considering with minimal impact on day-to-day life,” says Dr. Lee B. Daniel.

The ability to meet rising demands is still limited by COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. Because of this, people can no longer opt for multiple sessions for microdoses of injectable treatments, like BotoxⓇ, and must get the full dose at once. Injecting the full amount all at onces makes it difficult to make the transition appear natural, but doctors favor this option to limit exposure and procedural risks.

Facial Attention

Since the beginning of the pandemic, facial surgeons have experienced a significant increase in demand for face, chin, and neck procedures. There are many solutions to help improve the appearance of these features, and many have been requested to sharpen jawlines and improve profile appearance. After constantly looking at screens and images of oneself during the pandemic, facial features have been the most significant focus for aesthetic professionals.

2021 Outlook

Moving forward, plastic surgeons expect this surge to die down as people look to return to normalcy and their social habits. However, specialists predict the return to regular cosmetic routines will follow the return-to-work trends. Low risk and recovery procedures may be the new normal as vaccines become widely available and administered.

The pandemic has given people the opportunity to seek lifestyle changes and improve their overall quality of life.

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