Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at the Top Habits That Make You Feel More Confident


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that having confidence starts from within and takes time to fully develop. Depending on your age and life situation, it may take longer or shorter. Regardless of the length that it takes, take your time and go easy on yourself. Everyone is important and has a purpose for this world, so that should already make you feel appreciated and needed. It’s important to relax and take your time but don’t get stuck in a comfort zone where nothing ever changes, and you are not consistently learning new, small or big things.

The Habits

  1. Hygiene- Having good hygiene helps you feel fresh, ready to work, and rejuvenated. Keeping up with your hygiene will make you less focused on how you smell bad or have greasy hair when you need to focus on more important tasks. You feel confident and feel clean for anything that comes your way. You are always ready to leave if needed, instead of needing a shower every time and taking up a lot of useless time.
  1. Routine- Having a routine lets you focus on other chores and errands that need to be focused on. Taking the time to create a routine that works best for you is very helpful in many areas of your life. It will help you build stronger relationships because of keeping promises and scheduling them in your free time. You know when to relax and when you need to work hard. You feel on top of your needs and hygiene as well.
  1. Organization- Staying organized takes effort to keep up with but it helps you stay clean and ready for any challenge that arises. You know where your belongings and supplies are, and you can prioritize other tasks that are hard to consider if you are not prepared and organized. Being organized boosts your confidence because you feel ready for action, you take charge of your life in many areas, and you can be productive.
  1. Affirmations and Meditation- Continuously repeating affirmations will keep your subconscious mind filled with confidence in yourself based on what you tell it. After a while you start to believe what you are thinking and use it in your everyday life. Meditation helps you focus and be aware of those thoughts to make them sink even deeper.
  1. Appearance- Taking care of your appearance gives you instant confidence because it is visible. You can change up your hairstyles, makeup styles, etc. Taking the time for yourself and what you present yourself as is important for feeling confident because you feel powerful and comfortable when you are meeting with someone or at work presenting yourself to your employers.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities concludes by saying that in order to build up our confidence, there are tactics that you can use to help you get started. Making time for yourself and taking care of your schedule, hygiene and responsibilities give you a sense of pride and cohesiveness in your life. When you feel better, you perform better.

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