Mark Roemer Oakland Explains Where to Find the Best Sushi in Oakland


California’s largest city, Oakland, is located in Alameda County. Merritt Lake, which is in the center of the big metropolis, is probably one of its most well-known features. However, Oakland, California is more than that. There are a ton of excellent sushi restaurants in Oakland, California, and they can be found everywhere because the area is so big! Here is a list of the top sushi restaurants that Mark Roemer Oakland has put together.

The Locations


Yoshi’s is the next restaurant on our list of Oakland, California’s top sushi spots. This eatery is open from Monday through Sunday and is situated in Embarcadero West. Additionally, they have a lounge or bar that is open all day and offers happy hour from Monday through Friday.

Traditional Japanese cuisine with fusion elements is served at Yoshi’s Restaurant, which also has a full bar with an amazing cocktail menu. It takes pride in offering sushi dishes that are produced with top-quality ingredients. They also have Fire Dragon and the Oakland A’s. Yoshi’s Veggie and Avocado Maki is a dish for vegetarians.

Judoku Sushi

The greatest sushi in the city can be found at Judoku Sushi. The menu at this establishment features a wide variety of Japanese entrees, lunches, bento boxes, rolls, and of course, sushi. In this sushi restaurant, you may also get sake, beer, wine, and soft beverages.

Judoku Sushi also offers a variety of desserts to round out your meal. You can sample the Yuzu Cheesecake, Green Tea Cheesecake, and Creme Brulee at Judoku Sushi if you have a sweet tooth. Additionally, if you’re feeling a little more daring, getting their Tempura Ice Cream is a great option!

The fact that Judoku Sushi has two locations in Oakland, California, is fantastic about this place. Piedmont and Rockridge both provide your favorite sushi snack options!

Shimizu Cuisine

The diversity of menu choices, pricing, convenience, and, of course, the quality of the service are all important factors to take into account when looking for the top sushi restaurants in Oakland, California. All of these things are checked off your list when you eat at Shimizu Cuisine!

The menu at this sushi restaurant is extensive. You can choose from basic rolls, bento boxes, nigiri, spicy rolls, noodles, gluten-free alternatives, and vegan choices. You may sate your hunger at the sushi bar at Shimizu Cuisine. These include the Veggie Spring Roll, the Hamachi Sashimi, and the Maguro Sashimi.

You’ll want to put Shimizu Cuisine at the top of your list if you’re seeking inexpensive sushi dishes that are also delicious.


Ginza always provides its visitors with the best sushi dining experience. This restaurant offers authentic French and Japanese cuisines and fine dining sushi. Consider the fusion of French and Japanese cuisine that Ginza is prepared to present to your table. You must try the two dishes to understand how well the flavors and accents of the two cuisines blend.

In Ginza, there are eight grills for hibachi dining. Their chefs are well-trained professionals with years of expertise who are eager to provide you with the finest sushi available! Ginza Sushi is a great option if you want to throw a special celebration because they also take catering reservations for weddings and business parties.

Coach Sushi

Everyone searches for sushi restaurants with excellent ambiance and service. Another great place to go for a sushi lunch or supper with friends and family is Coach Sushi. With a wide variety of sushi tastes to pick from, this restaurant claims to serve the best meals.

The rolls at Coach Sushi are crafted with care. And everyone is aware that when food is prepared with affection, it can make you want more all the time. Customers enjoy the scrumptious menu items like the Crispy Ebi Roll, Veye Gyoza, and Curry Katsu at this sushi restaurant because it offers a variety of flavors.


The greatest sushi restaurants in Oakland, California are the only places to eat sushi. You’ll never run out of places to eat to enjoy your next sushi meal with all of your selections. Indeed, there are plenty of sushi options on the bay’s sunny side.

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