Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Summer Activities That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again


Mark Roemer Oakland knows that when you were a kid, summer meant more than just warmer temperatures; it also meant having no restrictions on your activities. You were free to sleep in till late in the morning, watch cartoons until noon, and pretend that your summer reading assignments did not exist from the day school let out in the late spring until the first week of September. There’s a good chance that summer does not hold the same allure for you as it did in your younger years, but it is still possible for you to relive some of the wonder and wonderment that it once did (without getting fired for taking off for three months). When you fit in one of these classic summer pastimes despite your packed schedule, you’ll be transported back to when you were a carefree child.

Amusement Parks

There is nothing quite like the feeling of your stomach leaping up into your chest when you experience the first steep drop of a rollercoaster to bring back memories of your youth. This summer, you should make it a point to visit the amusement park you enjoy the most. Gather a few close friends and plan a day trip to an amusement park in the area to take advantage of the warm weather, indulge in some cotton candy, and go on some exciting rides. If you choose a park that also has pools and waterslides, you will earn some extra credit.

Video Games/Laser Tag

You don’t have to endure the sweltering weather to recreate the good old days. Playing arcade games or laser tag are two examples of summertime activities that may be enjoyed while basking in the comfort of air conditioning. After locating a family fun center close to your home and stuffing your pockets with quarters, you should go to the arcade. You could spend the afternoon playing some of your all-time favorite games, such as Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, and then challenge some of your friends to a game of laser tag.


You probably looked forward to the summer showers when you were a child, even though, as an adult, you consider them an annoyance. Rain meant that there would be puddles, and puddles signified that there would be plenty of opportunities to stomp around in the muck and play in the water. As an adult, you may not want to go things quite that far, but if you’re wearing appropriate rain boots, it certainly won’t hurt to wade in a puddle or two.


Did you not have to make an appointment to work out at the gym when you were a kid? Playing tag or launching yourself into the air on a playground swing constituted a workout in those days. When the weather was nice during your childhood summers, you probably got some exercise by riding a bike. You should ride your bike through the adjacent park and let the pleasant summer breezes play with your hair while you do so. If you don’t already have your own bike, inquire with a local bike-share about the possibility of renting one for a few hours.

Read Books

The Boxcar Children. The Babysitters Club. Basically, everything that Beverly Cleary has ever written. You probably tore through childhood classics like these when you were younger, especially during the warmer months when you had more time on your hands. Get back to the fundamentals and pick up a paperback (or a Kindle version) of your favorite book from your youth. Then, take that book to the park, spread out a blanket, and take in some rays of sunshine as you read.


Summer can be fun. However, if you are like Mark Roemer Oakland, you can’t wait for the dog days of summer to act like a kid again!

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