Maid checklist what happens before and after arrival during the Covid-19 period

If you want to hire a maid to keep your home clean, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Making sure that you know the background and profile of your maid is very important. You also want to ensure that your helper meets the checklist so she can enter and work in Singapore with ease especially during the pandemic period.

Checks done in the home country

There are multiple checks done to ensure the credentials of the helper are authentic and in accordance with the documents. First, there is the birth certificate, educational certificate and passport checkup. These are done to ensure that the educational status and age are the right ones, based on the Ministry of Manpower requirements. On top of that, the maid agency will also initiate a videoconference to verify these, while also talking about things like preferences and working experience, which can help a whole lot.

Other things like mannerism and physical appearance are also checked. Sometimes there can be a need for compulsory training, around 30 days for Indonesians and filipinos. For myanmar maids the training will take about 20 days.

They will also need to have a medical checkup done to ensure everything is ok from a health standpoint. Beside the normal medical check up, all maids in the home country are to undergo a Covid-19 Swab test prior 3 days of arrival in Singapore. They are only allowed entry if the swab test result is negative. After they arrive in Singapore, they will be transported to a dedicated SHN facility to serve their 14 days quarantine. At the end of the SHN another Swab test will be conducted and they are allowed to continue the processing if the result is again negative.

If your maid is working in Singapore for the first time, then she has to go through the settling in program, a 1-day course that helps her learn about safety measures and other tasks like that. Singapore will also require your helper to go through the normal FDW medical checkup, which is something to keep in mind. If she passes the medical check up she will be required to do her thumbprint. After the thumbprint is done then she can start working at the employer home.


Aside from the things above, there are a variety of other things to do. There is a 6 month medical checkup that the maid needs to go through to ensure that she is healthy and everything is ok. Moreover, there can be some service calls done by the local maid agency to the employers. That will help make sure everything is fine and that there are no problems. These calls are random, just to make sure that the entire process is working as expected and there are no issues to deal with at this time.


It’s important to keep in mind the fact that hiring a maid in Singapore during the pandemic period has some regulations to follow. But it’s still a great approach and it will bring in front some amazing results. At the end of the day, what really matters is value and quality, and if you approach the right maid agency in Singapore to perform the checklist , your life will be much easier and your family will be safe. The entire system is very well prepared, and it makes sure that both the employer and the maid have the best results. That alone makes it well worth it!

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