Know how to get the best Diamond ring for Beautiful Relation

You finally feel ready to ask your girlfriend to become your wife. One of the most beautiful and exciting questions in the world usually goes along with the long-awaited engagement ring. But in addition to the more romantic aspects of this magical moment, we must also deal with those a little more practical. The question then arises: how to choose the engagement ring that will make her eyes shine too?

 Today there are so many proposals that the risk is to get lost in the vortex and discouraged thinking that a decision will never be reached. But if you know how to move and learn the latest trends and the most beautiful models, you won’t have any problems. First, you will need to know the size of rings your girlfriend is wearing. If you don’t know it and don’t know how to get it back, we’ve talked about it here.

Before starting your search, you may be interested in knowing the meaning of the diamond ring to understand what makes it still the most desired among women.

The meaning of the diamond engagement ring

In addition to the value and beauty of this stone, the diamond hides a profound meaning, which makes it the valid symbol of a union as crucial as that of two people who want to get married. Being an indestructible gem, it becomes the symbol of a promise that is destined to last forever. If you think that the word diamond comes from the greek Adamas, which means invincible, the connection is immediate. For lovers, it is nice to feel that their love can live forever, even after them, and that it is represented by this small brilliant stone that smells of eternity.

The features of the perfect engagement ring

Before moving on to the best known and most beautiful models, the ones that make the most of women’s hearts, we want to talk to you about some features to take into consideration when you have to choose the diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart. Starting from the frame, it must be a good middle ground: it also depends on the hands of the woman who will wear the ring for the rest of his life, but if it is too thin, may lose the stone, if it is too thick and could weigh be challenging. The rods that stop the diamond should be between 4 and 6, no more: so the light will pass from the gem, making it shine in all its splendor. As for the diamond instead, it is essential to evaluate its quality based on its four primary characteristics: cut, color, purity, and carat. For an exact and detailed explanation of these fundamental aspects, we recommend that you read our guide to diamonds.

The most beautiful models among women’s engagement rings

If you wonder which ring can leave you breathless, we present you with the models that most appeal to women’s hearts.

First of all, the classic engagement ring, the only and inimitable that has represented the engagement ring par excellence for generations. The gem can be smaller or larger. This also depends on your budget. If the woman you love has fairly classic tastes, you can stay on one of the many models with the brilliant-cut (the round one).

White gold models prevail, but if your girlfriend is a lover of yellow gold, there are some options for her too. You can also play on the cut and therefore on the shapes, such as the emerald (rectangular), the heart one, or the diamond called Princess (square shape).

Another model that women always like a lot is the trilogy. It is a ring with three diamonds with a significant meaning: they indicate the past, present, and future love between the two lovers—a confirmation of what has been, what is there today, and what will be there forever.

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