Is a square jaw a blessing?

The lower jaw or mandible is a square jaw with the jaw bone on one side. Combined with the upper and mid thirds of the facet, the lower jaw forms the lower third of our face. Compared to the upper and mid thirds, the prominent bones on the sides are a square face.

A square jaw is the subject of different opinions. Square jaw Some people are attracted to it and are delighted to receive it. Some people who have a square jaw disdain it and will completely get rid of it.

Corrective jaw surgery can be an option if you have a dental disorder or teeth and jaw irregularities, as outlined above. Often an oral or maxillofacial surgeon performs this operation. Its objective is to correct or improve functional jaw disorders and functions simultaneously.

Advice to people going for corrective jaw operation

The best candidates for this corrective surgery are people with disorders, problems, or concerns, as listed below.

  • Jawing pain and constant headaches or migraines: The most common cause of jaw and constant headaches or migraines is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) (TMJ). This is a dental condition that causes pain and sorrow in the jaw joints around the affected muscles. It also leads to regular headaches and migraines. Corrective jaw operation or maxillofacial surgery could be necessary to alleviate TMD symptoms in these cases.
  • At different times, the lower and upper jaws can grow, causing difficulty in chewing, ingestion and biting. As a consequence, the jaw is misaligned, causing the patient with food problems and biting problems. Therefore, you may want to consider corrective surgery if you have difficulties chewing, swallowing or biting.
  • Sleep apnea that is characterised by difficulty breathing, sleeping and snoring is a common jaw misalignment. Sleep apnea and snoring can emerge from this jaw disorder by blocking airway pathways during sleep. The good news is that the corrective jaw operation can mitigate these problems and the side effects of sleep apnea.
  • Open bite: this is a dental condition characterised by a space on each side of the mouth between the upper and lower teeth. It is usually seen when your mouth is closed, and your speech or way of speaking interferes. Consequently, if the condition is sufficiently serious, jaw surgery may be needed.
  • Face and jaw damage: severe face and jawline damage can be caused. This leads to unequalled face appearance and can affect other functions regularly. In this case, surgery to repair mandible fractures and cosmetic problems with the jawline is necessary.


While some people might find dental irregularity a minor problem, they have been associated with several other health issues in the past. It involves respiratory problems, eating and swallowing problems, sleep apnea, speech problems and related problems. The good message is that corrective jaw surgery is intended to repair and correct this dental problem. It also benefits from improving health and quality of life overall.

The best corrective jaw operation, maxillofacial and other cosmetic procedures related to mouth and face are always available on our platform.

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