Is a CG friendly moisturising shampoo good for Oily scalp?

Whether you’re already on the CG journey or highly curious to try it out for yourself, some common questions that most people have are, ‘Can I do CG if my scalp is oily?’, ‘What do you mean I can go days without washing my hair?’. But worry not, we’re here to de-bunk some myths and show you how over-washing and over-usage of cleansing products can actually can actually make your oily scalp issues worse and the right moisturizing shampoo can go a long way to help!

The 101:

Just like any other part of the human body, the scalp is also covered with tiny pores beneath which lie sebaceous glands. While sebum is completely normal and in fact, essential to maintain healthy scalp and hair, too much can cause a feeling of discomfort and greasiness leading to itchiness and ‘flat’ hair from being weighed down.

A CG Moisturizing Shampoo with Oily Hair:

Now, back to the CG method. As reiterated by many CG-ers, moisture is key! It helps reduce frizz, nourish hair, enhances curls and keeps them shiny. Now how about tackling an oily scalp with moisture itself?

Most shampoos come packed with sulphates, drying alcohols, silicones, waxes, and non-natural oils, that not just dry out your curls, but also strip away that delicate layer of natural moisture on your scalp. You must have noticed that when you use a regular shampoo, your hair feels squeaky clean at first but turns around and feels flat and greasy in just a day or two. But why?

If you’ve been using sulphate laden shampoos for years or still new to the CG method, chances that are your scalp has been working overtime to produce the oil it needs (since most of it is being constantly wiped out) and ends up disrupting the natural balance that ultimately leaves you with an oily scalp and greasy hair!

The CG journey is a marathon, not a sprint; and the best results come to those who wait! It may take 3-4 weeks for your scalp to understand the change in products and restore its natural production, also CG friendly products are generally highly moisturizing which may add to this tricky scenario. Stay patient and keep at it until your scalp adjusts to your new routine and produces just enough oil for your curls to look healthy, not oily.

A moisturizing shampoo will help you ease into the process, by nourishing your scalp and hair with ingredients that don’t strip your scalp off its natural oils, thereby restoring balance and providing just the right nourishment your hair needs.

Here are a few more tips to sail smooth on your CG journey, even with a pre-existing oily scalp:

  • Avoid heavy conditioners – Stick to nourishing products but go easy on those laden with heavy oils and emollients.
  • Clarify regularly – Especially at the start of your CG journey. Clarifying helps remove existing scalp build-up and sets a new stage for CG products and techniques to shine.
  • To Co-Wash or Not – Co-washing (Washing your hair with conditioner and no shampoo) can still be an option. Ensure that you give your scalp a rub down with just water first to ensure that grease is washed away before you apply conditioner.
  • Refresh to reset – Refreshing is not just great way to spruce up your curls and enthusing them with life, it is also effective in reducing and dealing with an oily scalp. Add a few drops of fragrant essential oil such as lavender or peppermint to add a fresh appeal to your locks.
  • Cast it away – After styling your hair with a curl cream, seal it in with a light hold gel such as flaxseed to lock moisture into the hair shaft and also avoid excess moisture from seeping into the hair.
  • Opt for lighter products – If your hair is still feeling heavy and weighed down, especially at the roots, pick lighter products such as mousse and gels over heavy creams and oils.
  • Separate scalp care and curl care – While your curls need added moisture from a range of products, ensure that the same don’t go anywhere near your scalp – be it conditioner, deep conditioner, masks or curl creams. These heavy products clog pores and add to greasiness on your delicate scalp.

To sum it up, stay consistent on the CG method and watch your scalp balance itself and nourish your hair. And yes, a CG friendly moisturizing shampoo will help balance moisture and maintain a healthy and happy scalp!

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