Innovative MS Access Cloud-Based Alternative to Choose

As data is evolving, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are unable to handle thousands of records. Errors occur with ease that makes the analysis, summation, and reporting a challenging task. Fortunately, there is the Microsoft Access tool, which allows information management with ease. You can categorize, filter, and format a large amount of data easily and quickly for analysis. Even if Access pioneered the database app building market it had its limitations. Unfortunately, Access lacks online sharing and team use that is essential in this digital era.

Therefore, you can look for Microsoft Access online alternative. HyperOffice offers an array of prominent online Access alternatives that can help to hurry your decision-making. Innovative online and mobile database and workflow management apps have emerged.

It is a go-to Access alternative resembling in structure yet offering cloud access benefits.

Its impressive features include –

  • Online data tables
  • Drag & drop web forms
  • Workflow automation & notifications
  • Reports & queries to mine data
  • Calculations PDF export
  • Data exports & automation
  • Multi-layered permissions
  • File uploads


Atlas Intranet Suite offers user-friendly collaborative features like –

  • Online document management
  • Online contact management
  • Online database management
  • Online calendars
  • Social collaboration
  • Task manager
  • Business chat
  • Mobile device support
  • Business chat
  • Extranet publisher
  • Intranet publisher
  • Interlinking
  • Notes


The tool specializes in building database apps only. The entire basic features essential to create a database app are available. You can integrate the database with reports, maps, and payment gateway.


MySQL is popular among database developers and professionals. It is the backend database of multiple apps. You enjoy a lot of control and flexibility, but there is a need for technical knowledge. It is a great tool for tech-savvy users.

Zoho Creator

Zoho is a powerful tech tool to design any app offering an easy and user-friendly interface. The only downside of Zoho is its lack of support.


It is a low-code app-building platform. It allows non-tech users to build and collaborate on building applications. Users are also allowed to employ publishing tools for creating a tailored format to present the data.


It is a friendly visual app builder that moves speedily. Apps can be built 10X faster. It is not for non-tech users but for the IT team Caspio is a flexible and potent tool.


The platform has a pre-built database template library, so users don’t need IT support. TeamDesk offers data visualization, unlimited records, and reporting features that make it stand out.

 Google forms

Users can build forms with this tool and collect all kinds of data online. However, Google Sheets have their limitations but you can automate the workflow.

Examples of intranets

Intranet is a digital hub that allows businesses to communicate and collaborate internally. The broad objectives intranets serve include –

  • Deliver collaborating tools
  • Broadcast corporate information and news
  • Offer internal communication tools
  • Internal support
  • Information repository
  • Good replacement for cluttered emails with managed communication and information

Partnering with cloud-based HyperOffice there is no need to look for hosting servers and database software. Besides, you don’t have to worry about updates and maintenance. It is a leading MS Access cloud-based alternative!

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