Important Lessons We Have Learned So Much from the Pandemic

Some lessons are starting to surface after a few weeks of the outbreak. Some of them are clearly evident — like health workers, we owe them a big obligation. We owe the same to foodstores workers, deliverers and the many other important workers who keep us running. Other teachings are fluffier, but begin every day to focus. And some will certainly not be obvious until we continue and epidemiologists, policymakers and academics will look back and try, perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, to explain what happened. But here are some humorous lessons from the epidemic. Many of us would probably have been aware, but they were sharply alleviated by the current circumstance. We’ll be smart enough to remember them, hopefully.

  • Actually washing hands works

That might sound stupid, but most people may not have understood before the epidemic that soap really kills some viruses and germs. Now that many individuals — as well as their children — have read the topic a lot, they can explain in detail why soap may wipes off the outside membranes of microorganisms, including the new coronavirus. Who knows it? Who knows? Well, now we all do, and once this is “done,” we’ll probably wash our hands a lot more regularly. It’s now part of our psychology to remain sudden for at least 20 seconds.

  • Listening to data is good

We all like to imagine this miraculously happening when the weather is warm, but let’s hear the figures and the statistics, not the emotional and personal belief, as the “Country Governor” (Cuomo) claimed at his press briefing yesterday. The data indicate trends that assist decide the route we follow and always give first priority to the data. It would have been nice to listen to it a lot sooner, but we are here. The figures emerging each day may suggest that our approach can in the future be more sophisticated – and I hope it is – but first we have to comprehend what is happening.

  • We are super-social beings

This has been said for many, many years by psychologists and researchers—we have a profound intrinsic yearning to work with others and share experiences and indeed life. All the evidence demonstrates that the more interconnected individuals in the long term are happier and healthier.

It’s natural or enjoyable, yet we don’t do it. But it may, in the future, help us recognize how vital “the village” is and how beautiful it is to interact—shake hands, cuddle, and all the other social proximity that makes us human.

  • Afterward, life won’t be the same—and that’s all right

People say that since early on in the narrative, but it was difficult to wrap up one’s brain—it was a lot more comfortable to assume that in a month or two we would spring straight back. But as instructions to stay in the house stretch, things have altered more easily, some irrevocably and for better and ill.

  • Practically seeing human adaptability at its best

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