How to find the best movers in Toronto?

Finding the best movers in Toronto is one of the challenges most people living here experience. Let us share with you an idea: when moving (in Toronto or elsewhere), it is better to look for the best moving company for you. We are all different, we have different expectations, different preferences, and different needs. So let aside what X and Y said and focus on your particular moving needs! Here are some tips that will help you find the Best Movers in Toronto.

Acknowledge your own needs

Before packing even the first pair of socks, make sure you know what you want from this move and from the moving company you will eventually book with. Do you need affordable movers? Do you want your movers to be quick and efficient? Do you want your movers to come equipped with state-of-the-art moving supplies? There are so many variables when it comes to residential moves! Decide first what you want from your moving company and how you picture your move and after that everything gets so much easier!

Do your research

Luckily, we live in an era of choices. If you want movers in Toronto, there are plenty of moving companies to choose from. Moreover, with a few clicks, you can find out everything about your movers in a matter of minutes. It might be overwhelming to have so many choices, but eventually, this turns out to be an advantage for everyone. Open your favourite search engine in your browser and look up the moving companies in your area. Check all their websites and see which one can offer you what you need for your residential move. A careful read will definitely narrow the options and take you one step further in your endeavour. Which takes us to the next point:

Check out the reviews

We could never stress this enough: read the reviews! Not all moving companies are the same, although it is often that their websites suggest so. Never rely solely on what the moving companies have to say about themselves! If you already find the best movers in Toronto for your needs, take some time and scroll through their reviews. Platforms such as Yelp, Google, Homestars, and Facebook are clusters of opinions from hundreds and thousands of people. Take advantage of this goldmine that is a few clicks away from you! Learn the truth about the Toronto moving company of your choice by reading the reviews of their customers!

Decide on your preferred moving date

Everyone is busy with work and personal duties, so you cannot randomly schedule your move. Especially since a move is time-consuming and requires your full attention. Before you contact the moving company, decide which dates are suitable for you! Maybe you can’t schedule your move on Fridays or maybe the first week of August is a big no-no. Have all these in mind when booking a move! Bear in mind that moving companies might also be fully booked for a few weeks or months, so try to reach out to them as soon as you can.

Get an estimate for your move

The cost of a residential move can vary so much from a moving company to another! Fortunately, all moving companies will provide estimates for your move, based on the information you share with them. Most moving companies will actually offer free estimates, so you can quickly decide which one is the most affordable. While at this step, make sure to ask the moving company about any unclear terms and conditions. This is also a good time for letting the company know about any special requests you might have concerning your move. Maybe you need help dissembling some large furniture or maybe you decide you need help packing, as well. Let customer care help you by offering them as much information as you can!

Learn about extra costs

It often happens that you end up paying more than you thought you will. Some moving companies apply hidden costs or extra fees. It is usually not very pleasant to end up more than you were expecting for your move. Read your contract carefully before signing it. Even more, ask your moving company about any extra fees they might apply. This is not the case for all moving companies. At Let’s Get Moving, for example, we never charge extra. We only charge a fixed hourly rate, so our customers can know at all times how much their residential move will end up costing.


Okay, if there is one word that most people used when talking about their move, that word is stressful. Moves are quite stressful, we admit that. But by now, if you carefully followed our previous steps, you should have found the best moving company in Toronto. The Best Moving Company in Toronto for your own needs and preferences, that is. So if you hired professional movers, your next Toronto move will be hassle-free. And while we cannot promise this applies in the case of any moving company, we can sure promise we will provide you this.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Moving offers you everything you might need from a moving company, at affordable prices. We don’t say we’re the best moving company in Toronto, but many of our customers do say that. 😊 So call now and get your free quote and Let’s Get Moving!

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