How Can You Score Well in Class 10 Board Exams?

Class 10 is widely recognised as the most significant year of a student’s life. Passing this class is also vital to a student’s entry to higher studies. If you are a student of CBSE, ICSE or State Board, you have to be very committed and hard-working, aiming to achieve success in Class 10 Board Exams by acing all the major subjects. From solving papers to studying from textbooks, you will be encouraged to follow all the advice properly.

It has also been observed that if you are a student of the CBSE Board, then you are advised to revise from the CBSE Notes along with solving the sample papers to score high marks for the exams.

Tips For Students of Class 10

Also, we have given some simple but effective tips in this article that will help you to write a perfect exam, thus enabling you to fetch full marks:

What to Do During Initial Days of Preparation

  • Familiarise yourself with the question paper pattern and the difficulty level of the paper
  • Get acquainted with the exams and the types of questions asked
  • Understand the syllabus well and prepare the study plan accordingly
  • Remember and make notes of the important formulas and theorems
  • Have a well-thought-out study plan in place

Tips for Middle of the Preparation

  • Solve all the exercise problems and answer the questions from the textbooks for the respective subjects
  • Have a study group with friends who can help you study well together
  • While studying in group, question each other and help each other out so that you learn a subject thoroughly

Last Minute Preparations

  • Solve loads of previous year and sample question paper for practice
  • Refer solutions to identify mistakes and rectify them before itself
  • Revise the entire concepts and topics of each subject very thoroughly

Tips to Crack the Subjects

  • English: Read newspapers to increase your vocabulary. Learn grammar and writing skills as well as know how to answer analytical and content questions.
  • Maths: Have notes for formulae, theories and methods. Understand the syllabus and proper weightage and study accordingly.
  • Science: Practise the numerical questions from physics, the formulas and theorems from Chemistry and Physics as well as master the important definitions and how to draw the diagrams from Biology, really well.
  • Social Science: Revise the facts, events and dates from history. Refer to notes to master these details. Practise map pointing a lot.

If you are confident to face the exams and have prepared well for the board exams, then you will surely score high in the board exams. Now, following the pattern of almost all students performing well in exams after referring to the study materials available, if you are a student of ICSE then you are recommended to solve  the ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers, while State Board students can refer to state board study materials for the better results.

During exams, you are usually advised to read the question paper properly and then to prioritise the questions before starting to answer them. Attempting the questions and writing the answers as per the defined marks in a clean and neat handwriting definitely helps. If you understand the worth of each question and don’t worry about the tough and complex questions, while also maintaining the speed and accuracy while answering the questions, then you will be able to easily score well and ace the board exams.

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