Heating oil: is it effective?

Families that are either relocating or moving into a home of their own are often posed with an important question regarding domestic heating requirements – what type of fuel will suit their needs? However small the heating requirements of the household are, the question is a pertinent one. After all, home is where one finds all the comfort in the world and domestic heating forms a big part of the comfort equation. There are multiple fuel options available in the market today from gases like propane, butane and Natural Gas to oils and woods. However, one fuel that stands out from the plethora of choices that you have is heating oil.

Homeowners often wonder about the efficacy of heating oil and the ease of heating oil delivery at your doorstep. What they need to understand is that this fuel has come a long way in the last few decades not only in terms of efficient burning but in terms of availability and supply as well.

All you need to know about the efficiency of heating oil

In a modern house, families often utilize electrical systems for their heating needs. What they fail to acknowledge is that using heating oil is far more efficient and eco-friendlier than using electricity. Even if, as a homeowner, you are considering using other gaseous fuels, you should read the points ahead that elaborate on how it is far more efficient to use heating oil for domestic requirements.

  • Using heating oil can reduce your fuel delivery costs by 16%. This is because heating oil burns 16% more efficiently than gas. The lesser fuel you use, the lesser times you will need heating oil delivery at your doorstep.
  • The efficiency rating of heating equipment that use oil as the fuel is, on average, higher than any other type of equipment. Generally, this efficiency rating lies between 85% to 95% which is a big deal for any machine.
  • The life expectancy of heating equipment running on heating oil is more than three decades. This is significantly higher than other types of equipment running on gas or even electricity.
  • Using heating oil helps you take care of the environment as well. This can primarily be attributed to the higher burning efficiency and lower emissions from this fuel. Typically, heating oil carries far less soot, odor or dirt producing substances.
  • Handling of heating oil is also highly efficient. Since this fuel is non-explosive and does not produce any fumes, one can expect extremely safe and hassle-free heating oil delivery every time. What is surprising about heating oil is that it does not catch fire even when it meets a burning matchstick!

The availability of fuel and heating oil delivery is never a hassle

Fuel is often marred with erratic supplies when it comes to domestic use but not in the case of heating oil. This fuel is available in abundance with a majority of the supply being met by domestic sources themselves. Hence even though there are price fluctuations, heating oil delivery will always happen to your doorstep. Also, in case you need large quantities of this fuel, you can simply store it safely without any use of specialized equipment like pressure tanks, as in the case of gas. Heating oil is increasingly becoming a favorite of families that do not live-in urban centers where gas infrastructure is limited, especially in remote cabins and farm houses. Your local supplier will be sufficient to get your share of heating oil or the corresponding heating equipment. With automatic deliveries and efficient technical support available round the clock, using heating oil is far more efficient than any other fuel for your domestic heating requirements.

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