Handy And Useful Online Tools You Should Check Out

The advanced technology introduced several online tools to help ease and solve multiple day-to-day tasks. Covering a range of domains like invoicing software, PDF editor, themes, and websites builder, web tools are no less than a savior in modern times.

This article lists some handy tools that can help you make better use of your time and efforts. You can check and try for whatever interests you have.


This versatile tool can save your audio/video notes, set reminders, and organize photos synced across your different desktop and mobile devices. Evernote works to keep everything intact so that you are not befuddled at any time.

More so, you can also mark and store web articles via Evernote’s bookmarklet and save it for your next reading marathon.


Proofhub is a project management and collaboration tool built to help you plan, collaborate, and deliver your projects timely. Some of its advanced features include:

  • Online Proofing
  • Task management
  • Gantt Charts
  • Discussions

The user-friendly interface and unique elements make Proofhub the best tool for project management. Moreover, you can also access the mobile app version to keep up with your work updates whenever out on the go.


Offering multiple conversion combinations, PDFSimpli allows you to edit and convert any document.  Herein, you can convert PDF to Word or a JPG file and even split or merge PDFs.

This handy tool takes the pain from editing, converting, compressing different PDFs for a better e-files management experience.


Hemingway works to keep a check on your writings, highlighting the potential errors in your document. Herein, you’d find your text divided into different sections of — red, yellow, blue, or green (unless you are a pro writer).

These various colors are indicative of:

  • Yellow: Lengthy, complex sentences
  • Red: Sentences with long, complicated meanings
  • Blue: Weak phrases and adverbs
  • Green: The use of passive voice

However, it’s not necessarily important to heed all the suggestions. You can format your text accordingly using the toolbar.

Mango Animate Animation Maker

This animation tool is all you need to create innovative animated videos with little effort and affordable cost. Inbuilt with the latest software, Mango Animate helps you produce character videos, business videos, and whiteboard videos.

Additionally, it also provides you with a variety of templates to edit and infuse in a video that well fits your needs.

Generated Photos

A reserve for over a million generated face photos, Generated Photos is a pretty incredible tool to look up for. In this, all the images are developed through artificial intelligence featuring:

  • Range of angles
  • Consistent lighting and sizing
  • Variety of ethnicities
  • Face shapes and expressions
  • Positions and ages

You can use these pictures for a variety of creative purposes heeding your objectives.


All these tools can help make your life simpler so that you are not swamped up with work all round the clock. Hence, try leveraging most of what technology has to offer. Save your time off from small tasks and keep it for a better, creative job with the above-mentioned tools.

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