Give the Heisenberg E-Liquid a Try

There are a ton of different vapes out there to choose from. If you are new to the entire industry then it can be difficult to choose the “right” one. While that can be solved with a little bit of trial and error, there are some e-liquids that rank highly on any list.

When you go with a well-reviewed e-liquid, you can have some of the confidence that you need to try it. When you know someone that you trust has partaken, it also makes it far easier to get the peace of mind that you deserve in an e-liquid product.


There is an e-liquid out there known as the Heisenberg (or Heizenberry). There are more than a few names floating around out there, but they generally all revolve around the Hesienberg e-liquid.

As the name suggests, it takes its inspiration from the pop culture con “Heisenberg” from the show Breaking Bad. It is a unique recipe that has a little touch of cool absinthe to make the flavour taste better than ever before.

When you inhale, there is a delicious mix of aniseed and methanol that comes together with the aforementioned absinthe to create the kind of experience that you won’t soon forget. Even better, on the exhale, there is an infusion of mixed berries. Everything is there to create the most mouth-watering experience possible.


One of the great things about the high-end e-liquids is that many of them offer transparency about their products. And you, as the consumer, should be able to see where the item comes from and what the process to put them together was.

That transparency is vital for a couple of reasons. For one, it demonstrates to the consumer that the company in question has faith in the quality of their product. They have no problem disclosing what is in each of their products because they know quality ingredients and methodologies were applied.

Secondly, it gives consumers the peace of mind that they need in knowing the product they bought is quality. That is a huge thing to be able to offer to the end consumer, something that not necessarily offered by every company out there.

No matter what kind of e-liquid you plan on purchasing, you want to make sure that the one you choose is of the utmost quality. That’s what’s going on here

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