FAQ About 80% Lowers to Build Your Own Custom Firearm

Though some gun lovers want to build their own firearms, not everyone has enough knowledge and information to do so. The legalities regarding owning an 80% lower are still confusing, and most of the time, even gun lovers fail to discriminate between facts and fiction. This article will answer the most common questions regarding buying an 80% lower that our buyers usually ask before making a purchase. We hope this article will help you gather enough information about 80% lowers before making your purchase.

Is an 80% Lower Enough to Make a Gun?

If you are a gun lover and want to make your own gun, you already know what an 80% lower is. During a firearm-making project, the builder needs to cut and drill some parts of the lower. And after the assembly, it turns into a complete firearm to use.

Are 80% Lowers Legal?

Yes, buying receiver blanks is legal in all 50 states.

Do I Need to Have an FFL to Buy an 80% Lower?

No. Since the receiver blanks are not considered firearms, there are no rules and of the ATF. If you want to buy an 80% lower or a receiver, it is legally no different than buying a toy gun.

Do I Need to Have a License to Build My Lower?

No. Per the ATF, you don’t need any license to make a firearm for personal use. However, if you want to make firearms for sale or distribution purposes, you definitely need a permit. The ATF also restricts people from making firearms that cannot be detected by X-Ray machines. If you want to make an NFA firearm, you might require undergoing some legal processes.

Do I Need a Serial Number for My 80% Lower?

No. You do not need to have a serial number for an 80% lower receiver or any firearm blank. Even a homemade firearm does not need a unique serial number if built for personal use by an individual. Some states like California might need to have a serial number inscribed on the firearm’s receiver. Please check your local laws before buying an 80% lower or blank.

Can I Sell an 80% Lower After Completion?

According to the ATF, you need to have an FFL license to sell an 80% lower that’s been turned into a complete firearm. If you change your mind after buying an 80% lower and want to sell it, you can. But if you are making guns and want to sell them later, the ATF will probably consider it an offense, since without a license, you cannot sell a firearm.

If you are new to the world of DIY gun building, you might have lots of questions to ask. Chances are you won’t get accurate answers from everyday people. That’s why it’s important to gather reliable information and have some knowledge regarding gun federal laws.

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