Who doesn’t love weddings? Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience that gets everyone so excited. Any bride or groom planning a wedding soon realizes how demanding wedding details can be. You have to book the venue, meet the photographer, visit the florist, the caterer, the minister who’ll join you, and much more.

You soon find yourself deleting unnecessary details off your list to help bring down the cost. If not that, you are checking what components can still do but in a more affordable budget. Most couples will think of making a significant budget cut on the wedding invitation card. Consequently, electronic cards are gaining popularity. However, better creative ideas can give you unique wedding invitations.

Importance of wedding invitations

  1. Sets the mood for the wedding

The invitation card you receive significantly influences your decision to attend or fail to show up. When you receive an attractive invitation, you get too excited to start looking for matching wedding gear. Unique wedding invitations give details on cocktail parties’ activities, brunches that the couple intends to hold a weekend before the long-awaited day.

 The invitation card can also include details informing guests on how to book travel and pack according to the scheduled activities.

  1. Tells your guests who you are

Unique wedding invitations spell your taste and social status. Electronic invites do not exceptionally provide the chance to tell the world about yourselves. You can seek the services of a professional designer who can creatively design unique wedding invitations for you.

  1. Invitation cards become a cherished keepsake

How many times have you thrown a wedding invitation card into the trash bin or worst still set it ablaze? Many times, right? The cards that were too ordinary, too traditional, or lacking in creativity were the disposal victims. On the other hand, cards that were unique creatively made got a space in your souvenirs and keepsake shelf.

Your wedding day is an auspicious occasion for your parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, and grandparents. They’d want to cherish your wedding day. The most memorable way of displaying the elegant card is placing it in a strategic place. It will remain there for years because looking at it makes them nostalgic.

  1. Sparks the wedding bliss in time

If you want to create nostalgic memories in your guests, match the lavish celebration with an elegant invitation. Let your visitors receive the invitation and start budgeting to dress for your wedding. An engraved invitation card, tied up with a fancy ribbon, and a matching lace, motivates you to dress to suit the occasion.

How to add a lasting factor to your invitation cards

You can have unique wedding invitation cards with a little focus on the details. Personalized wedding invites are customized to your taste of color, design, and shape. They also help to cut down the cost of the big day. Here are surefire ideas that will wow your friends and family members as they read your invitation.

  1. Make personalized stamps or seal

A stamp is a confirmation that a parcel, gift, or present has come from a sender saying this is from me to you. You can add your name, love quote, or the wedding theme on the rubber stamp.

  1. Tie a colorful ribbon

You can never go wrong with ribbons. They are versatile extra in wedding stationery. They’re perfect for introducing the color of the wedding through belly bands, ties, and bows. Silk ribbons add a feeling of romance, intimacy, and fantasy.

You can choose to match, contrast, or co-ordinate the ribbon with bridal team dresses or bouquets for sheer pleasure. You make small ribbon bows on the wedding invite, to shadow the floral arrangements, table decoration, or bouquet for the big day.

A ribbon can also be used to ties up travel information or RSVP to the main card.

  1. Get a deckled edge

Straight edges are unimaginative and traditional. But deckled edges give even the most ordinary paper a refreshed new look. Decked edges give the card a fine-art finish, creating a touch of class while gently blending with your wedding theme. Deckled edge on your wedding invite gives a splash of a romantic vibe that will remain etched on your friends’ mind. It’s flawless, timeless, and authentic.

You can create a deckled edge if you bought a few tools from online craft shops. These tools include deckled edges scissors, deckle or straight edge, and dual-edge ripper. The punches and paper cutters are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

  1. Use Calligraphy to Address your Invitations

When is the last time you did calligraphy? In high school perhaps, as you addressed your first love letter? What about bringing the feeling alive as you address those invites?

Calligraphy enthusiasts have several reasons for choosing it over machine-printed writing. Here are some of which you should consider.

Calligraphy makes a personal statement. The written word is powerful, and the art of calligraphy gives you the power to speak your joy as you tie the nuptials. Each character in your invitation wording is original, unique, and close to your heart it’s shaped by hand.

Calligraphy writing is pleasurable. Your guests will appreciate your time, effort, and art. The artistic process of fine-tuning each letter gives the writer immense joy as they drown themselves in shaping the characters. Hone your calligraphy writing skills by checking out online tutorials.

  1. Add a splash of water-based color

If you are craft-gifted, you can make artistic wedding invites and print them on watercolor paper. A dash of watercolor gives a sophisticated arty effect.

Watercolor is a soft painting and romantic painting style that creates the perfect mood for the wedding. If you are a whimsical bride, you’ll appreciate how playful, dreamy, and flowing style fits your carefree approach to life.

If you are a beachy bride, the blue-green watercolor shade will suit your chosen venue at the sandy beach. Watercolor has got every bride covered.

Rustic, nautical, or the tropical kind will find hues that perfectly complement their style.

Watercolor can be used to customize the wedding invites with a painterly illustration of the couple.

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