EAF, The Organisation That Is looking To Get People To Adress The Responsibilities They Have Regarding The Planet

EAF is announcing a message to all environmentalists, peacemakers, globalists, government, nongovernment, and institutional organizations. Your participation in partnership and cooperation to restore the ecosystem and unite humanity is vital. 

The Many Missions Of EAF

EAF is an organization that is attempting to reach out to the people who have the power to make real change, to help deal with the potential destruction of our planet. The EAF is targeting major corporations, organizations, governments, etc, who have the voice and opportunity to positively enforce real change.

“EAF is an organization that wants to put out one simple message, that we can all unite with and share, ‘Let’s Heal the World Together’ said a spokesman for EAF“. “it is not easy in this world to stand up for real change, it takes a real effort as there are many things that appear to be out of our control that might make our efforts seem futile, but if enough voices rally together, we can help preserve our planet and improve the lives of many people around the world.”

The EAF Are Encouraging Us To Cut Out Unnecessary Third-Party Interference

One of the EAFs missions is to produce and support eco-friendly products while lowering prices by eliminating third parties companies, like packaging and transportation. The EAF quite rightly points out that these third parties are unnecessary. The packaging and transportation costs apply to the price of the product. In the end, the customer is the one who is paying for the 3rd party. By eliminating this third party, the cost of the product drops significantly.

If you have ever bought a coffee from Starbucks for example, you would have realized that you receive the coffee in a plastic cup. To be used once and then to be thrown away. Thankfully in the last few years, perhaps due to pressure from certain environmental groups. Starbucks has tried to reduce this huge problem by offering alternative straws made out of substances that are natural and biodegradable, as well as offering discounts to customers who bring their own cups which they can use again and again.

It is important to note that there is a huge difference between caving in to pressure and making changes because you are aware of your moral responsibility towards the planet. In this case, if the result is the same, we shouldn’t focus too much on the motive but generally speaking, EAF is trying to change people’s attitudes on these subjects. Arguably we can only see real change when this happens.

EAF Suggest That We Can Make Changes To How We Bank

One current change you could make is to stop receiving bank statements through the post and only view your statements online, small changes like this will help a lot if enough people did it. EAF however hopes to see a more radical change that they want to see come to fruition in the near future.

The future generation’s mentality requires changes in the current banking system. Mer is a digital banking system designed to shift users from offline to online banking. There is a growing consumer trust for digital platforms and an increased desire for mobile banking systems pushing us in this direction. Mer Digital Bank is supported by water, silver, and gold.

United World Nation Are Looking To Change Our Consumerism Ways

Consumerism is the world we live in. I’m sure this isn’t a realization for anyone. For anyone doubting this, what do you use to define your status? For most people, I think it is fair to say that the money we have is a big factor in how we view ourselves and how other people value us. Therefore we express our wealth by consuming. If you are wealthy enough this will be displayed by having the best car, the best handbag, etc. 

The Geneva-based UWN wants us to move away from this consumerism mindset. They actively promote a global naturalistic lifestyle. They do this by pushing environmental agendas for civilians through their projects, such as Plastic-Free City. UWN also raises spiritual awareness by refocusing ideologies and shifting the life experience from consumerists to naturalistic individuals, a new standard of morals and ethics globally established by this organization.

EAF Can Change The World

The objectives of EAF are not small and certainly don’t lack ambition, but we have to believe that they are certainly achievable. We are in a time of crisis and we can no longer exercise half measures. As the EAF state on their website, ‘the time has gone now, where we can put our trust in the hands of world leaders’. In this article, I have just given a small glimpse into the great things EAF is currently doing. I urge you to go to their website and really get behind all the good work they continue to do.

“ The Rulers of the World. You have forgotten that Creator sees all corruption & illegal activities that Dehumanizing his children “ – the Architect of EAF LaRdas QU AsMaat.  

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