Do Podiatrists Treat Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses usually form on the skin because of frequent friction, pressure, and rubbing. One of the main causes of this problem is not wearing the right fit shoe. In most cases, you can avoid this problem by being a little conscious.

How corns and calluses form?

Corns and calluses form as the skin attempts to protect itself from pressure or injury. Besides, it is the women who are at more risk for this problem. Even though both corns and calluses are harmless, they can cause infection, ulcers, and skin irritation sometimes. Hence, you should not ignore those problems. In fact, you must take the treatment at the right time to prevent this minor problem from growing into a major problem.

People with poor blood circulation and diabetes should be extremely careful, with this kind of condition, because they do not cure easily. If you are looking for callus or corn removal then contact an experienced podiatrist in your location. One more important thing that you must consider when choosing a podiatrist is license. You must always choose a licensed podiatrist if you are looking for the best treatment for corns and calluses.

What are the symptoms of corns and calluses?


If you observe the following symptoms then you may have corns and calluses.

  • Rough and thick skin.
  • A raised and hardened bump.
  • Waxy or dry skin.
  • Pain under your skin.

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Where foot corns develop?

  • Between the toes.
  • Bottom of the feet.
  • Sides of the feet.

What are the risk factors for this problem?

People with the conditions like bunions, hammertoe, and other foot problems are at more risk for this problem.

How much does it cost for foot callus removal?

The treatment cost generally differs from one podiatrist to the other. However, it doesn’t cost you more, as you think.

Is foot corn removal covered by insurance?

Certain foot care services, whether podiatrists or regular doctors provide them, are not covered. In simple words, certain health insurance plans do not cover foot callus or corn removal.

How to prevent corns and calluses?

The below methods may aid in the prevention of corns and calluses:

Wear shoes with lots of room for your toes. If your shoes are very tight, it will be difficult for you to move your toes. Hence, you should choose the perfect fit shoe. Make sure that you try the shoe before making your purchase.

Protect your skin by wearing protective clothing. Use bandages or non-medicated corn pads to prevent this condition.

Post Treatment Care

You must avoid drinking alcohol and smoking post the treatment. Keep your body hydrated for fast recovery post-treatment.

Choose a good podiatrist in your location today for corn and calluses removal!

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