David Bolno: A Conversation About What is Important in Life

Things are taking a turn in this world we live in today. And as such, things like technological, environmental, social, and demographical uncertainties influence our society’s future. This has raised concerns in the eyes of policymakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and foundations about the economy’s well-being. They not only seek to address their issues but also contribute positively.

From gender inequality and human rights, education, and health to societal and environmental issues, enterprising families had a central role in addressing these challenges. Philanthropy, otherwise known as the love of humanity, is no longer unsociable for the few. Here’s David Bolno’s view of what is important in life.

What is Philanthropy?

Simply put, it’s the love of humanity. Philanthropies seek to promote the welfare of others through their good deeds (acts of generosity). This charitable giving can be in the form of talents, money, and worthy time among others.

David Bolno, an entertainment business manager, is an example of a person who has grown successfully due to his dedication, hard work, and through the act of giving back. He is a leader – he values his clients and has consistently assisted them in achieving their goals.

Reasons Why Philanthropy is Important in Life

1. Creates Social Connections

Philanthropists who engage in charitable work openly happen to enjoy social connections. Contributing to and attending social programs helps you build a good network. Some volunteer their experience. This may enable them to meet future workmates (colleagues), close friends, and business partners among others. The list of possible opportunities that may knock on one’s door by engaging in charitable action is endless.

David Bolno is a living example here because he understands the importance of giving. He has been able to build a network, and he’s dedicated to always learning. His wish is to create a better world by helping others realize their goals.

2. Makes a Difference

In the current world, the society is most concerned with material wealth and status. They have lost track of what matters. Bolno believes that true success should be measured by what people do for others rather than what individuals can achieve for themselves. The small things you do for others matter to them. It may not seem a big deal to you, however, to those in need, it may mean the world to them.

Education is considered one of the philanthropic acts that has enabled people to succeed. Through education, people gain knowledge – which is essential for the success they need in their career fields. Bolno uses his knowledge to assist his clients.

3. Improve Reputation

It’s not surprising that others engage in philanthropic acts to gain recognition. One may view it as a negative cause, however, being recognized by others as generous is enough to make one feel better.

Today, customers purchase from reputable brands that are in support of education, human rights, health, and gender equality just to name a few.

Being famous and making money isn’t comparable to sacrificing your time, expertise, and money to the local community. Giving back is a better way of making the world a better place for all.

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