Cruelty-free brands, a priority for young women in online modeling jobs!

Since they aren’t obliged to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity to entice their members and convince them to spend as much time as possible in the private sessions with them, young women working in non-adult online modeling jobs have to find other ways of doing it. They need to rely on their personal charm rather than their body, and on different qualities such as empathy, general knowledge, active listening, and the ability to put themselves in their members’ shoes. And, in general, they have to adopt an overall positive approach to life, emphasizing the importance of certain social aspects.

For example, they have to talk to their members about the importance of respecting the safety measures imposed during the pandemic, food waste, global warming, and so on and so forth. Basically, if you work in non-adult online modeling jobs, you have to act like a role model since you are one for hundreds or thousands of men. This is exactly what we will talk about in this article, more precisely cruelty-free brands. What are they? They are brands that don’t test their products on animals before releasing them to the public.

In recent years, fighting animal cruelty was one of the most important trends worldwide, together with curbing the violence against women, and offering equal rights for people of color. This is why, on a private forum dedicated to those working in online modeling jobs, a non-adult cam girl from Studio 20 – raised the issue we mentioned above. Studio 20 is the biggest and most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world, with locations in 5 countries on 3 continents: the United States of America, Columbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

“Hi girls! I wondered if you knew about makeup brands that don’t test their products on animals. I know only about two of them, but I would like to try something new, to see how it feels. Thanks!”, wrote Sabrina on the private forum. Soon, answers came pouring in. “Dermablend doesn’t test their products on animals”, wrote Sarah, working in online modeling jobs at another studio. “Neither do NYX, Tarte, and L’Oreal. I hope this information is useful, I’m glad that others are also interested in brands that don’t test on animals”, Patricia added.


Actually, a website called Cruelty-free Kitty offers valuable data for young women in online modeling jobs and not only, who want to find the complete list of cruelty-free brands. Fenty Beauty, KVD Vegan Beauty, Hourglass Cosmetics, CoverGirl, Herbivore, Tower 28 Beauty, Milani, Glossier, and Urban Decay are on the same list as the brands mentioned before. As you can see, most of their names suggest respecting some other actual trends as well, for example, veganism. However, unfortunately, except for Fenty Beauty, which belongs to Rihanna, and L’Oreal, mentioned by Patricia, not too many big names in the industry decided not to test their products on live animals yet. However, the future is yet to come!

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