Best Men’s Socks to Bring with You When You Travel 

Nothing says travel like having the need to pack and not forget anything. There are so many things to consider when packing: weather, comfort, outfits, medication, and most of all…making sure you have socks. After all, when packing for trips, everyone likes to be prepared for every situation and forgetting something has a way of causing more stress than necessary. Whether headed for the mountains, on a hiking adventure, or to a conference for work, the most important items not to forget are men’s socks. But of course not just any men’s socks! The right pair of socks will keep your feet warm, dry, deodorized, or cozy. Some socks even help with blood circulation on long flights. 

How to Select Good Travel Socks?

A good pair of men’s socks should not be too difficult of a choice for travel. At least that is what is believed and very far from the truth. Choosing socks for travel is actually just as difficult as packing the shoes you plan to wear. Why? Because the socks you choose have to make sense for the comfort of your feet; as well as, for the comfort while wearing your shoes. Just for the comfort of your feet, you should consider the following when packing your socks:

  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Strong Fiber Material
  • Warmth
  • Dry Material
  • Comfort
  • Anti-Odor Ability 

So, if you are wondering what that means, here are six of the best men’s socks to pack when traveling:

  1. Compression Socks

Generally, the most common modes of travel are by rail, car, or airplane; in which all require long periods sitting down (especially if having to travel for longer than four consecutive hours. Long periods of sitting can increase the chances of blood clots and cause low or poor circulation in your legs. You can increase your chance of blood circulation  by wearing compression socks. This type of men’s socks come with an built in material that ensures the blood circulation in the lower part of the legs. While they are often used by people with medical conditions, they are beneficial to have to ensure you lower the risk of poor circulation when having to sit for long periods of time (especially on an airplane when the altitude affects blood flow.

  1. Odor Absorbing Socks

Let’s face it, if you plan to be active on a trip or your feet sweat quite a bit, these socks would be great to pack. When traveling it  may be difficult to find time or a service for laundry. So, this may potentially mean you may have to hand wash and reuse some clothing articles. If you hike or do any other activity that increases blood flow and cause you to sweat, it is very easy for your feet and your socks to smell. This is why you should pack anti-odor socks. These men’s socks promote dryness and absorb sweat more than normal socks. 

  1. Hiking Socks

Whether you’re traveling to a sandy beach or a barren desert, you should always keep a pair of hiking socks. Hiking socks are much thicker and provide extra thickness for your feet.It also supports your arches and gives your ankle a little more support (in conjunction with your hiking boot). For hiking socks, it is advantageous to find men’s socks made of polyester, as they’re insulating, comfortable, and lightweight.

  1. Ski Socks

If you are traveling to a ski location, always consider the climate of your destination. Consider the amount of time you will spend outdoors and the amount of time you will spend indoors. If you’re going to be out in the cold and in the snow (especially if you expect to ski), you should consider packing men’s socks made with merino wool or nylon socks. They are lightweight, warm, and do not let your feet sweat. You can also consider thermo socks that have material to use your body temperature to regulate your body temperature.

  1. Padded Socks

Traveling can involve a lot of sightseeing (unless you are traveling for work and do not have much time to sightsee). But if you plan on sightseeing and it is mostly walking, a comfortable pair of socks will be important for the comfort of your feet. The wrong Men’s socks can make or break our day of excursions. From burning sensations to sweaty feet, nothing can ruin a travel day like achy feet. Packing a pair of padded socks that have a built-in cushioning for extra support and comfort should be a consideration.

  1. Athletic Socks

As said before, traveling can involve many physical activities like walking, running, cycling, etc. This is why one of the most needed men’s socks you should pack are a few pairs of high-performance men’s socks. These socks provide durability, moisture-control, ventilation, and padded cushioning for your feet. For coolness, these socks should be mostly made of cotton.

When traveling your preferences for socks should be based on activities planned and the comfort of your feet. For the both of these to happen, you should pack specific pairs of socks for each activity. This will help you decide on clothing and shoes, as well. Your feet are the best travel companion you have, so choose your men’s socks wisely.

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