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Do you love a good dress but have trouble figuring out the best one for your body type? Are you struggling with whether you need long and formal or short and flirty? With so many dresses on the market, it can be quite difficult deciding which one is the best fit for the best occasion. Not many of us have a need for a ballgown or mermaid cut dress on a regular basis. 

The best advice is to go with one that flatters your body. It’s easier to fancy a dress up or make it more casual than it is to have a closet full of dresses that you’ll never wear. Also, picking a dress with forgiving material is a must. The last thing you want to do is spend the entire day pulling and tugging! 

Let’s explore different types of dresses and figure out the best dress for your body and the situation. 

Dress for Success

Midi Dress

The midi dress is between a maxi dress and a mini dress. These are perfect for when you aren’t sure just how formal an event will be. There are so many different necklines and sleeve lengths that it’s easy to find one that is flattering for any body type. 

Midi’s can also be paired with just about any shoe or other accessory to make it more formal or more casual depending on the occasion. 

Shift Dress

A definite must have closet staple in the 1960’s making a comeback! Shift dresses are usually more flattering on those with a leaner, straighter body type. These dresses are usually sleeveless and lack much shape. However basic it may seem, it can be dressed up with a cardigan and heels for an office look or dressed down with sandals for a day at the beach.

A-Line Dress

For a more fitted look, you’ll want to go with an A-line dress. These dresses fit at the hips and flare out towards the hem. These dresses are nice for an easy, casual and feminine look. Dressy enough for the office; casual enough for date night. 

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is also a very versatile dress that easily fits any body type. There’s usually some sort of hem that can be pulled up for those with a shorter waist, or pulled down for taller women. The length usually hits the floor or right around the ankles given the illusion of being dressed up. These are nice paired with sandals and longer necklaces. They even have different sleeve lengths for all seasons. 

Shirt Dress

Not to be confused with T-shirt Dress (see below), these dresses feature a collared neck and are usually darted at the waist to resemble a button up blouse. Dresses like this are usually worn belted at the waist for a more business casual office look. 

T- Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is very popular and basic. The name says it all; it’s basically a longer version of a regular t-shirt. This cut of dress is a blank canvas that you can dress up or down with the right footwear and accessories and it works well for most every body type. 

Finding the best dress for your body is really more about how you personally feel in the dress. The best dresses for women can be accessorized to fit most every occasion, but you don’t want to pick a dress that’s so constricting you can’t have a good time. 

You also don’t want a dress so short and revealing that it’s inappropriate. Spend less time deciding if the dress is right and more time accessing how it makes you feel. If it’s comfortable and you feel fabulous in it, you’ve probably made the right decision! 

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