Best Bedroom Furniture for Your Modern Home 

For most of us, our bedroom is a sacred place where we go to escape at the end of the day. It should be a calm and comfy space that is inviting and signifies rest. Unfortunately, sometimes it is left as the last room to be incorporated into your decor theme because most people do not see it when they are in your house. If your bedroom furniture is not in sync with the rest of your house, or you still have mom’s hand me down head-board, it is time to go shopping and update your style with some new bedroom furniture to match your modern home. 

What exactly does a modern bedroom look like? To start, a modern room consists of a few things: clean lines, streamlined furniture, and not a lot of clutter. Keep it simple, less is more, and stick to these five essential bedroom furniture pieces and add accents later. 

  • A stylish bed: as the focal point of the bedroom it should be the statement piece. Favorites for a modern theme include beautifully tufted or channelled, tall headboards upholstered in linen fabrics. Add some detail with a double row of steel nailheads or allow for sleek-clean lines. Decide on if you prefer a tall headboard or a simpler short headboard, and if a foot board is necessary, all are great options for a modern bedroom design theme.

Another favorite modern bed option is pairing a streamlined solid wood headboard with a rich velvety fabric. There are all sorts of color and veneer options for the wood finishes to choose from.      

  • Nightstands: simple yet eye-catching, choose nightstands that serve their purpose with adequate drawer space, but also provide an elegant touch to your master bedroom. One option is choosing neutral materials such as natural white cedar or reclaimed wood for a simplistic look. If you want a bold look, opt for a nightstand with bold color like a Juniper Green, and accented with aged brass hardware. Black is now a neutral color and fits in a modern bedroom, but look for one which is paired with gold or brass pulls or accented with stretches at the bottom for added flair.
  • Chest of drawers or traditional dressers: there are many options for both chests and dressers to accompany your bedroom furniture design. A chest can be a sleek look to add to your master bedroom. Chests are usually taller and more narrow than dressers but allow for the same amount of storage. Typically dressers have attached or semi-attached mirrors, so if you opt for a chest consider hanging a mirror somewhere in your space. A solid wood chest in a neutral finish will pair well with your classic modern decor.          

If you prefer a dresser your options will increase when it comes to the size, number of drawers, height, width, color and finishes. Choose from three drawers up to eight in a variety of height and width combinations. Again, sticking to solid materials in neutral tones is a safe bet, but if your nightstands are neutral consider a pop of color like the Juniper Green with aged brass hardware mentioned earlier.

  • A bench: a true must have that accentuates any room, especially a master bedroom.

Usually placed at the foot of the bed, a bench adds an aesthetic value to a room second to none, while also being a versatile and functional piece of bedroom furniture. A good bench can tie your room together, but it is very often overlooked. Look for benches made of natural woods or that have a wood finish. Pair them with neutral toned fabrics like ivory, beige, taupe or linen.  

  • A rug: The best way to soften up any room or add some texture is with a soft and cozy rug. A great option is a plush shag rug in a neutral tone. Shag is back, and though it may invoke nightmares of home decor from the 1970’s, today’s shag rugs are ultra plush and have rich-soft finishes. Go for a beige or ivory shag rug to subtly compliment your sacred modern space. 

If shag is just not for you there are many eco-friendly rug options available. A handwoven natural rug is a great choice for a bedroom, and there are many materials to choose from. Jute is a plant fiber that is handwoven to make beautiful natural looking rugs. It usually appears grey or navy and is a nice color addition to a neutral room palette. Sisal is another great natural fiber that comes from the Agave plant. When woven it has a creamy white, tan or beige color that is derived from the plant fibers. Both materials provide low maintenance rug options that tie in nicely with modern bedroom furniture decors.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So have fun decorating it and make it a place where you want to spend time. Starting with these five essential bedroom furniture pieces to tie into your modern home decor is a must, and from there you can add accents that suit your taste, but remember, less is more in your modern home.  


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