Are There Roses That Won’t Die

When expressing love or gratitude, roses are everyone’s top pick because they symbolize passion, care, friendship, love, and whatnot. These gorgeous and scented flowers have immense value in the botanic world because let’s face it; they’re just that pretty to look at, and rose bouquets are always evergreen. Red roses have their own special day in valentine’s week, so you can figure out the importance of these flowers in the realm of love and compassion.

Roses and Their Lifespan

Fresh roses can easily be purchased from any regular flower shop near you, but what we don’t realize is that we’re symbolizing our feelings through it. As much as people appreciate the little effort of giving out flowers, they sadly do come with a lifespan. A rose bouquet would barely last for a few days, and soon it will die losing its charm and scent. However, you don’t have to worry about flowers dying out anymore because botanists have a solution.

That’s probably going to leave you astonished; there is not just one type of roses, the kind that you plant and harvest. Roses come in a diverse variety. Over the past few decades, florists have come up with amazing and new techniques for preserving flowers, especially roses since they are a hot-seller.

Types of Roses

There are numerous types of roses available across the globe. Some might not have even been discovered yet! There are diverse species of naturally occurring roses, but what’s more incredible is that there are roses that last for up to a whole year!                                         

Natural Roses With a Lifespan

There is no doubt in the fact that there is enough diversity in naturally occurring roses. From Damask rose to Cabbage rose, there are all sorts of colors and fragrances that you might find. Natural roses are a delight to the eyes and nose because of their gorgeous and flashing colors and aroma.

However, these heavenly plants come with a drop back of a limited lifespan. Imagine having to grow a whole plant just to have its flowers die in less than a week. How sad, right? And then there comes the work of putting them in a vase and looking after them. Moreover, many people have a pollen allergy, so gifting someone flowers with an allergy might not come off as well as you thought.

Roses That Don’t Die

What’s new in the market are the roses that don’t die! That’s right! Botanists have found a way to preserve all sorts of roses with different colors and scents.

You can get customized roses for your loved ones in lavish and elegant packaging. It’s just like getting a present for loyalty. These gorgeous roses come in a vast variety, and you will love the nude and pastel colors that they have for you. It’s like getting the perfect gift for your “to-be.” These are some of the preserved roses that are available at the best prices and quality.

Zodiac Collection by Venus ET Fleur

Get creative and connect more emotionally with your loved ones by giving them roses from this extravagant collection of zodiac boxes. All you have to know is the star sign of your beloved and get them one of these gorgeously customized zodiac boxes. It is most probably going to be the sweetest sentimental gift they have ever received.

Acrylic Collection by “Roses for You”

These preserved Roses by the brand “roses for you” are scented and lovely. They come in clear glass boxes, and the flowers are in various bright colors. Their plants last for over a year too, but they are, however, a little pricey.

Classic Red Roses by Venus ET Fleur

And then, of course, there’s the all-time favorite and most desired Eternity Red Rose collection. One cannot deny the significance of red roses hold and to put the cherry on top; these are roses that don’t die! So your precious gift stays as a decorative piece with your loved ones for as long as they take good care of it.

1800 Flowers

It is yet another brand selling out long-lasting roses. You can get all creative with your choice of roses and get yourself a customized box full of rose-happiness. However, they don’t have fancy box options like Venus ET Fleur, where they make zodiac boxes and glass boxes.

Preserved Roses

These preserved roses are the new trend, and they are nothing like those artificial plants. They are the epitome of elegance and class as they can look ever so luscious in your house as a décor. If your wife is all about design and style with a little touch of emotion, just get her these and let the roses do the rest of the magic.

Roses that don’t die are said to last for over a whole year, and throughout that period, they will smell just as soothing and fragmented as they did when you first purchase them. Most importantly, you also don’t have to worry about watering them and cleaning the vase every now and then. The roses would not wilt or lose their perfect color. It is just the best low maintenance extraordinary gift.

Now by saying that these roses won’t ever die and would last on your bedside table forever would be an overstatement because let’s be honest; everything comes with an expiry date or deadline. They may eventually, after over a year or so, lose their charm, but that so doesn’t mean that you don’t invest in them because obviously, they last longer than regular flowers, they are more beautiful, and they have a more presentable packaging.

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