7 tools that Plumber Sydney Uses to unlock Drains

Nearly every one of us faces a clogged drain at some point or another. The cause for clogged is many that make a build up inside the drain making the flow of the water reduce to a level where it becomes impossible. The house gets full of mouldy smell and also pests like cockroach’s starts building their home inside the drain. Causing us to face nausea, headache and even some have a bad allergic reaction to the smell. Some can even get the asthmatic condition aggravated for sure.

So as soon as you face something like this you need to call the trained Plumbers Sydney professional to visit your home. Honestly, a pipe inspection must be conducted at least two times a year. Then the plumbers will make the right inspection and then go on unclogging the drain. Let us look at the tools they use to unclog the drain,

  1. Pipe cameras: leaks or cracks in any drain can be easily seen with the external view but for a clogged drain you need to have the proper inside view and for that nothing can be better than a pipe camera. It gives a proper internal view. It is a cable carrying a video camera that is inserted into the drain. This allows the plumber to see the inside view of the drain which they otherwise could not have. With this the level of the clog is clear and this is when the plumber decides which next tool that can help him is.
  1. Plunger: this is the tool often used for unclogging toilet drains. They are also found useful in sinks and showers if the clog is less. The plumbers will first try to unclog the drain with the plunger. If it does not work then they go for other tools.
  1. Manual Drain Snake: a drain snake is a long cable with one end looking like a corkscrew. It is used to crank the cable through the drain. The plumbers will first insert it and then open the drain. They will make the crank for pushing the cable inside the drain. This way the maneuver will unclog.
  1. Motorized Drain Snake: this works the same way the manual drain snake works but this is used for the bigger drains and with the stubborn clogs. They are available in both forms cordless and cordless. More power or push is easy with this.
  1. Drain Auger: This is quite similar to that of the drain snake. These are for the smaller drains and sinks. This is also available in the same way as motor and manual.
  1. Hydro Jet: the toughest clogs are opens with this. This uses water pressure to unclog the drain. This is the faster way for sure.
  1. Cable cleaning:  this is also very common in drain cleaning. This is also a very useful tool that uses spinning blades at the true end that makes sure that the clog is cut while it proceeds.

So these are the 7 common tools used by professional Blocked Drain Sydney specialists depending on the type of block the drain have.

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