6 Types of Skull Gun Design Leather Personalized Passport Cover

Are you a travel enthusiast? If yes, getting a god quality customized passport cover is all you need to avoid any hindrance due to passport damage. A passport portrays your identity and makes it simpler to move through the boarding, customs, and security area. Hence, a good leather passport cover is a must-have in your travel pouch. Here, we discuss the popular types of skull design leather passport covers available in the market.

The top 6 types of passport covers are as follows:

  • Protective film passport cover- It is amongst the commonly used passport cover in the masses. It only possess a PVC material at the front and the rear portion, which prevents your vital document from all potential damages. You can avail them at reasonable rates, and they pertain to real sustainability to the main covers. However, their efficiency is minimal when preventing the passport pages from getting wet or damaged.
  • Jacket passport cover- Next up for the personalized passport cover is the jacket cover. It primarily looks like the book sleeve that protects the passport’s outer surface with complete security and safety. There are multiple material options for the jacket covers accessible in the market, such as vinyl, plastic, and leather ones. It looks supremely stylish and can also impart the right level of the guard for everyday security.
  • Portfolio cover- If you wish to ensure that the exterior covers and the inside pages pertain complete protection, a good portfolio cover can prove quite advantageous. It is a significant case that also organizes many other crucial documents like boarding cards or tickets. Popular materials in which you can buy such covers are vinyl, leather, and nylon. As the case is quite big, you might need to keep it in a big bag as all the vital documents can stay together. The leather personalized passport cover is the most popular option amongst others.
  • Passport wallet covers- Keeping the vital travel documents is a single wallet is a great option. If you are a frequent traveler and wish to carry a passport all along, getting the wallet cover is a great idea. It is also an excellent replacement for standard wallet options. You can also store the cash, ID proof, bank cards, and other identity proof. Even though it is more significant than your standard wallets’ size, it can still fit in your handbags or travel pouches. Accessible materials for these wallets include nylon, genuine leather, or vinyl.
  • Document case-Leather personalized passport covers in the form of a document case is highly popular. It restores multiple documents in a single space. They are stylish and own a great fashion statement. Although vinyl and nylon are other material options, leather wins hands down for the long term usage.
  • RFID blocking wallet- This is a next-level protection cover to ensure maximum security for your crucial information. Such wallets have an RFID blocking technology that blocks access to your confidential details. RFID or radio frequency identification tags is an advanced option that offers a high-end travel organizing holder for travelers who wish to get complete security.Final words

Above stated are the most popular types of passport covers available in the market, and you can enhance their appearance by giving it a personalized touch. A customized passport cover is an exciting option to make it look unique and astonishing. You can get the skull gun design customized on any of the covers, as mentioned above, to give you a stud look while holding it along. Go and grab your style statement with a personalized passport cover at the earliest possible!

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