6 Trends and Important Additions To Your Web Design That Will Wow Your Audience

If you are looking to wow your audience, these latest web designs and trends are what you need to keep your site as fresh as it can be. With an eye-catching design and an easy-to-navigate layout, you will see an increase in the number of visitors to your site, which will, in turn, result in more sales and greater profits than ever before. Get ready to be amazed at the results these latest web designs and trends have on your business!

1.   Modern Flat UI Designs

The latest web design trends focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). You can experience quality UI/UX on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. The modern trend is to have sleek websites with easy-to-use interfaces that allow users to have an enjoyable experience while browsing and quickly find what they’re looking for in your website. One of these UI/UX design trends that you might notice more often is minimalism; having a clean site without clutter guides your user smoothly.

Today’s technology allows your user to see their current page and their other tabs they have open at once – saving time by keeping multiple pages visible simultaneously. Flat design is also one of those trends that, unlike many other trends in digital, looks like it’s here to stay. Flat design may be everywhere now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own with custom web designs and flat UI. When done well, flat design does what all good user experiences should: convey a message with simplicity.

Not only is UI/UX important from an organizational standpoint, but it’s also important from a consumer’s perspective too. If your web design isn’t clean and easy to use, people won’t want to stick around very long; they’ll end up going somewhere else where they don’t have to work so hard to get results. You can contact web design Brisbane experts for web design that will help you improve customer acquisition.

2.   Saturated Colors and Monochromatic Colors For Your Tone

If you are designing a professional website, you may have noticed that most websites tend to stick with basic colors like black, white, and grey. They also use a lot of images. Add color to your design to make your website more eye-catching and add some life! You don’t need to stick with saturated colors, though. Some designers choose monochromatic colors to create a clean and sleek look that pops out at their audience.

Both colors schemes can work well in website design depending on what tone or mood you want to create. Just remember, they aren’t in stone, and there is no right or wrong way to go about designing your site; they are just two ways that could work great. Hence, the reason why experimentation is so necessary when you first start learning how to build a website: there isn’t just one correct answer – you can play around with many different combinations until you find something that works for you!

3.   Visual Weight: Color, Typography, and Images

The Importance of Color, Typography, and Images: Great design is about good communication. Remember that design is all about communication when designing a website for your company or client or creating something for your amusement. It’s up to you to tell a story with colors, typography, and images—your audience may not understand every word on your site, but they can still appreciate a great design when they see one.

You can also enhance your communication through visual SEO strategies. You can contact SEO services Sunshine Coast for visual SEO strategies that will help your website show how your site looks ata glance and rank your site so well.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by trends like flat design and responsive web design, but there are three basic principles underlying every visual decision: color, typography, and imagery. Apply these principles combined with excellent content to create visually striking websites without sweat. It’s no secret that quality visuals drive more social shares and lead to higher click-through rates. But not every company has highly creative in-house visual assets. Fortunately, you can hire professional web designers like DigitalOn to help you create an interactive and appealing website.

4.   Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions are vital if a web design’s objective is to enhance user experience. These are all of those minor details that pop up when you don’t expect them and make a massive difference to your audience. For example, if you have an app that lists information like a calculator or currency converter, think about how you can show additional details after pressing enter on your keyboard.

Do something fun! Make your users smile with their screens; it will improve engagement and build loyalty for both parties. A little bit goes a long way with micro-interactions—and it’s easy to implement! The Internet has changed many lives, in some ways for better and others for worse. Most people no longer find themselves sitting down and reading newspapers or books, but rather, they scroll through e-books social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, scrolling from one page to another.

Because most people do not consume content in print media as much as before, websites must change drastically to meet these new demands by providing digital material. Think back to your last flight, where they handed out iPads instead of magazines. That is what we mean!

5.   High-Quality Animation and Video

New forms of web design are constantly emerging, and one of these is animation and video. The idea behind website videos is straightforward: people learn better through pictures than through text alone. Video can be a great addition to your site because it provides more information in a shorter time. It’s also crucial to consider using animation, which takes text on your site and makes it come alive with movement.

While there’s no right amount of animation or video you should have, adding both to your site could increase engagement by 80%. What’s more, sites that combine video and high-quality images generate 20% more views than those that don’t.

6.   Quality Audio Features

Audio has a way of engaging audiences that text alone can’t replicate. While many marketers have been captivated by video, audio content marketing is on the rise too. Whether you’re recording a podcast episode or producing an explainer for your product, getting consumers to pay attention is easier when there’s an auditory component to their experience.

Better yet, it allows your online visitors to multitask and listen while completing other tasks like driving. Research suggests that content with visuals and audio elements performs best; in fact, one study found that conversion rates increased five-fold! According to some research data, content with audio and visual outperformed all other combinations, with an engagement rate more than 200% higher than any single medium.


A great web design considers aesthetics, technical requirements, and SEO. However, it’s crucial to engage a professional designer to ensure your website will wow visitors and convert them into customers! A good way of having inspirational new web designs is by hiring a competent and reliable web designer like DigitalON who will ensure your clients get what they need from your website. Need a logo or any other graphic design? DigitalOn professional web designers have got you covered.

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