4 Truths You May Not Realize About the New PSLE Scoring System

The new PSLE Scoring System has brought in some significant ideas to the table. The older system was not that good considering today’s day and age. It was time for an upgrade, and a new PSLE Scoring System that has achievement levels will arrive starting 2021. But as always, when an upgrade happens, things can become rather confusing. Which is why we created a list with things you must know about the PSLE Scoring System and which will help you identify quite a lot of new information.

You now have a clear bottom class

If the students are scoring 60 or 70+, then they will be in the AL5 or AL6. This helps quite a bit, and while the bottom numbers are not as forgiving, the system is still helpful at least in some ways. The PSLE Scoring System does bring in a clear set of benchmarks. It also divides the good and poor scores. The older system did not have that, which made it very challenging and confusing. Adding this approach is well worth it, since it does clear things up. It does seem less forgiving, but then again it’s for the better.

Now there’s a lot more pressure at the top

Scoring 240+ or 250 for example will be great, however the new system there’s a division between the AL2 and AL3 and AL1. The elite systems are a lot better and harder to reach. Kids will be forced to score as high as possible to reach AL1. But getting this is way harder. The focus and pressure on the top will be a lot higher, which is not exactly easy for students. Finding the right english tuition from a reliable home tuition  agency in Singapore will help your child prepare for PSLE English.

Every point actually matters

This obviously brings in additional pressure, because if you miss the mark, you can fall into another bracket and that can be a problem. The current system is forgiving, but the new PSLE Scoring System is indeed making kids stress out more and actually do their very best in order to score as high as they can. It’s well worth it to at least try, but there are challenges that can appear from this.

PSLE students will require more than just good grades

With the new system, schools are less differentiated according to the cut off points. If people have the same PSLE scores, then they will be vying for places in the school. This means we can expect things like point deductions based on multiple factors. It shows that the new PSLE Scoring System doesn’t lower stress, instead it amplifies it.


Adding a new PSLE Scoring System was indeed a good idea, but the new system is indeed an interesting addition. While it does bring in more pressure for the students, it also makes the classification a lot easier to get into. This can indeed make a huge difference, and you will find it incredibly powerful in the long run. The PSLE Scoring System will arrive later in 2021!

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